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Amaya joins the Roland DG family A

distributor of Roland DG's TrueVIS SG series of printers and cutters, in conjunction with the Roland VersaWorks RIP software and SEF heat transfer media. These products will provide an unbeatable combination to help Amaya's customers produce the highest quality finish. SEF products have been available through Amaya for many years, but the company will now offer a variety of recently formulated print and cut media, which not only work with Roland's Eco-Sol Max ink, but also Roland's TrueVIS inks. Tatoo Plus, Tatoo SBB and MoZaic will be landing in Amaya's warehouse shortly. The TrueVIS ink has proved to be a

USB2U celebrated World Environment Day with new products


n order to celebrate World Environment Day on June 5, USB2U introduced a new range of more environmentally friendly products, including USBs made of bamboo, cardboard and cork.

USB2U strives to do its bit for the environment, from reducing single use plastic by offering USBs made from recyclable or compostable materials, to reducing its carbon footprint by carefully planning to bring down its air freight year on year.

The three new USBs below have been carefully selected to focus on moving away from plastic as the main material used, to bamboo, cork and cardboard which all have much better eco credentials. The brand new Cardboard USB features a shell made entirely from sturdy cardboard. Shaped like the popular Woodland design, this is a new and unique product, able to be colour printed to achieve bold designs. Cardboard is much more energy efficient to make, and much easier to recycle, than standard wood, plastic or metal. The Cork USB is made from fully recyclable cork and is in a cylindrical shape. A neat end cap hides the connector, and the compact design makes it easily portable. Branding is done via spot colour printing down the side and results in an effective and interesting design. Alongside this, are the Eco Bamboo USBs, which are a hugely popular product for those looking for a more eco friendly sustainable choice. Bamboo is an easily sustainable product, able to grow up to a gigantic 98in in just 24 hours. Grown without pesticides or need for irrigation, bamboo is a strong, good looking and easily sustainable

material that makes it a fantastic candidate for an environmentally friendly USB flash drive.

| 6 | July 2019

USB2U’s brand new Cardboard USB

maya Sales UK has now become a

problem for many other media suppliers in the industry, so having this and the SG series in Amaya's portfolio gives existing and potential customers an

additional option for

garment decoration, especially for trickier fabrics such as polyester

and nylon. Peter Wright, managing director, said:

"The Amaya team looks forward to bringing you this new combination to our portfolio and showing you the full potential."

Roland’s TrueVIS SG-300 is just one of the printer/cutters now available through Amaya Sales UK

Refreshed Drytac website makes finding the perfect product easy


rytac has revamped its website to help customers find the perfect product to meet their needs.

Drytac's key product areas include vehicle, window, wall and floor graphic media, laminating films and mounting adhesives, plus high- performance tapes, industrial adhesives and durable labels.

The revamped website

As well as a sleek new design, the website now also features new advanced search capabilities whereby customers, distributors and press can search for a product by media, by application or by SKU. Alternatively, there are easy-to-use menus that list Drytac's extensive range of products by category, market, print technology and application – making it simple to find and compare compatible media. These lead to product pages with comprehensive information and technical data sheets, many with colourful application images. Via the website users also have access to a vast number of profiles based on popular printer models, inks, RIPs and Drytac media – enabling quick, high-quality plug and print capabilities. Furthermore, the redesigned website includes case studies – giving valuable context on how Drytac's diverse customers around the world use the brand's products for incredible display and industrial applications – and blogs contributed by members of the Drytac team. These look at markets, product families, eye-catching applications and more, with professional, technical information to inspire buyers and help them make the right choice.

The industry can also be kept up to date with Drytac's product news, company appointments and details on forthcoming trade show appearances, in another simple-to-use website section. Hayden Kelley, CEO of Drytac, said: "At Drytac we continually develop products that meet the demands of our customers in industries around the world, and our new website makes it very straightforward to choose the right media. The case studies, blogs and application photos also provide inspiration for our customers looking to provide something new in their market."

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