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New Mimaki JFX200-2513EX to offer more than double productivity


launch of the new Mimaki JFX200-2513EX – an 8x4ft flatbed LED UV printer that adds additional features and increased productivity to the current line-up. Thanks to a new print head configuration, the JFX200-2513EX doubles output speeds when

Mimaki in the UK and Ireland, has announced the

ybrid Services, the exclusive distributor for

wide variety of materials. New features

incorporate several of Mimakiʼs Core Technologies –

proprietary innovations designed to deliver

optimum print quality and usability with the minimum user

The JFX200-2513EX

printing with white ink in all print modes and with the addition of a new draft mode, a 280% speed increase, resulting in a maximum speed of 35sq m/hr.

The JFX200 Series utilises a combination of white, clear and process inks to print to a vast array of rigid substrates using Mimakiʼs pioneering LED UV curing technology. Its 2.5x1.3m print area maximises the potential for printing to industry standard 8x4ft boards and with a head gap of 50mm and maximum media weight of 250kg, it is capable of printing to a

New larger-format F-Mark automatic digital cutter from Graphtec GB


new and larger version of the F-Mark automatic digital die-cutting machine has been introduced by Graphtec GB. It will die- or kiss-cut sheets of printed material up to a size of 700x500mm, including thicker and heaver materials up to 400gsm, via an increased 450gf cutting force.

The machine can also cut from the reverse of the sheet to ensure that the printed surface remains unaffected by the score/fold lines of the cutting process. Because this process is carried out automatically, there is no requirement for expensive cutting dies. Up to 200 sheets of pre-printed material (including laminated formats) can be loaded into the integrated Graphtec CE6000-40 Plus cutting head simultaneously using the auto sheet feeder facility, with the ability to add further sheets as required without interrupting the cutting cycle. A built-in CCD camera equipped with F-Mark technology detects the two-point registration marks for precise alignment of the contour and the printed image, in addition to compensating for any distortion of the material during the printing process. The cutter is equipped with an internal vacuum compressor, thereby removing the need for an external air supply connection. The cutting parameters set by the dedicated F-Mark software allow for the use of crop marks as small as four millimetres, enabling maximisation of the sheet size and minimal material wastage. Contingent upon the kind of

material being processed and complexity of the

image outline, the cutting speed for each printed sheet is on average between 30-40 seconds.

| 18 | July 2019

New larger- format F-Mark automatic digital cutter

intervention. These include the integration of its NCU and NRS systems for automatically detecting and resolving nozzle firing issues and the companyʼs MAPS system that through the use of an advanced

algorithm, prints optimum gradation patterns on each pass, significantly reducing any ʻbandingʼ effects in the print. A foot pedal has been added to control the table vacuum and ethernet connectivity allows remote job messaging and the simultaneous connection of multiple printers. The new JFX200-2513EX will also feature a new ʻ2.5D Emboss Printʼ mode, enabling multiple layers of ink to be printed to add a three-dimensional effect to the print – adding creative, textured finishes that combine colour and smooth, raised surfaces.

Vastex dryer for DTG and screen printing now 2m wide


new LittleRed X3D-78 infrared conveyor dryer with a two-metre-wide conveyor belt can cure 185 garments/h DTG printed with digital white ink, 1080/h screen printed with plastisol ink, and 555/h screen printed with water-based ink or discharge. The DTG-specific feature of this dryer is a high-powered pre-heating zone that boosts ink temperatures past 150°C within the first few centimetres of conveyor travel. This increases the dwell time that ink is exposed to optimum

LittleRed X3D-78 infrared conveyor dryer

curing temperatures, allowing speed of the conveyor belt and machine output to be increased.

The new 2m-wide X3D-78 can accommodate three rows of normal sized garments or two rows of oversized garments, yielding higher capacity than any conventional dryer in the equivalent amount of floor space, according to the company. The dryerʼs three 30.5x183cm wide heaters output a combined 26,700 watts @240V, and are digitally-controlled and height-adjustable to maximise curing efficiency for bulky or over-sized garments. The X3D-78 also offers precision- thermal-profiling (PTP) to match curing conditions to the drying characteristics of each ink type, particularly difficult-to-cure inkjet-printed white ink.

The new dryer is 260cm long, 226cm wide and 137cm high, and features a 31.2 CMM targeted exhaust system as standard to rapidly remove moisture and air contaminates from the heating chamber, while keeping exterior surfaces and controls cool.

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