Roma World, next to Cinecittà World in Rome, has opened it’s doors On the left guests face the Taberna, the park’s

new park, next to Cinecittà World, Rome’s #1 theme park has just opened: it will bring guests back in time 2.000 years ago, giving them the

opportunity to live a whole day surrounded by nature, in a real camp of the Roman legions. In this exclusive interview with CEO Stefano Cigarini, Park World editor, Becci Knowles find out what makes it so special. In this spectacular new park located in Via di Castel


World spans over      meadows

Romano 200, 20 minutes from the city of Rome, will not only have the opportunity to connect with nature, but live, dress, eat, shop, sleep and…fight as ancient Romans used to do. They can become Gladiator for a day. They can enjoy shopping among stalls of the ancient market, gain a special relationship with the farm animals, admire the flight of the eagle and other birds of prey, run on the original Ben Hur Movie Chariots, immerse themselves into the cork forest and live unique experiences ... where it all began! Roma World spans over five hectares of typical

Roman countryside, among cork groves and pristine meadows. Guests enter from the portal of the Camp (Castrum). After the gate they walk into the woods, two rows of trees, until the village appears in front them.


the middle of it stands the rustic wooden Gladiators Arena, a place where they can watch challenges or learn combat techniques by wielding a sword (Gladio) led by professional instructors.


restaurant, where they can taste real ancient Roman food: meat, vegetables, soups, break…cooked as it used to be. On the right is the night Camp, where outdoor lovers can sleep in tents similar to the one used by real legionaries. Even shopping brings guests back in time: in the small outdoor market, they can discover objects and techniques of the past: jewellery, leather artifacts and gadgets. While entering the village, the animals’ sounds come

Let history begin! A

from the nearby farm, here guests will find goats, sheep and dwarf cows, pigs, geese, turkeys, ducks, roosters, hens, delicate rabbits, donkeys and ponies, all of whom are available to take children around the village. Educational workshops and feeding sessions will teach them how to take care of them. At the end of the village stands the Birds of Prey Arena

that includes both shows and interactive sessions. Here guests can admire and interact with a number of animal species, from eagles to falcons and owls. The Wild Walk Experience even offers guests the opportunity to fly these animals into the woods. In addition to pony riding, children can try archery

shooting, adventure courses in the small cork forest and outdoor games of the past led by the village entertainers. Nature lovers meanwhile, will appreciate the biodiversity of the Roman countryside in the walking


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