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Holovis annouces move to new HQ G

Global reality integrator Holovis has moved into a new purpose designed, 52,000 square foot HQ in Hinckley,

Leicestershire, UK. Over the last 15 years the company has grown to over 150 people who will be based in the new building and in regional Innovation Centres in London, Manchester, Orlando and Shanghai. As part of the company’s ongoing strategic

growth plans the space has been transformed over the past 12 months to feature a 5,500sqft open plan collaboration space, a 6,500sqft dedicated demonstration facility and over 30,000sqft of build space for new projects, attraction mock-ups, full show run-throughs. On arrival, visitors are greeted by a Virtual

Concierge that uses attribute recognition technol- ogy to correctly identify them, securely log them in

and connect them with their Holovis host. Hinckley also provides a full innovation R&D

capability to fast-track the development of propri- etary Holovis IPs, such as HoloTrac. This delivers extended guest experiences, real-time safety and security protocols and has evolved to include the latest requirements for automated social distan- cing and staff capacity handling, via the Holovis DeepSmarts data analytics engine. Holovis’s technology, products and solutions span

the entertainment, retail, venues and enterprise mar- ket sectors allowing clients to see how these unique solutions for one market have deep synergies with others, giving clients a significant competitive edge both operationally and experientially. Commenting on the move, Holovis CEO Stuart

Hetherington said: “We are looking forward to inviting our clients, prospective customers, partners

WWA Show goes virtual

The annual World Waterpark Association (WWA) 40th Annual Symposium & Trade Show, scheduled for October 6 through 9 in Las Vegas, has been cancelled due to COVID-19. It will be replaced by a virtual show. According to Damien Latham, chair, WWA Board of Directors, and Rick Root, WWA

president, “Based on current public health advisories and travel restrictions around the world, including the State of Nevada which currently bans gatherings of more than 50 people, it is not possible for us to move ahead with this year’s WWA Show in Las Vegas. Cancelling the in-person portion of our 40th anniversary show was not what we had hoped for, but as we have so many times this year, we will continue to adapt to challenges as they arise. Going forward, we’ll shift our attention to delivering a virtual show experience that will honour our strong commitment to providing the best educa- tional and networking opportunities available to you as a water leisure professional. Look for more details coming soon about our WWA40 virtual experience.” In 2021, the WWA’s 41st Annual Symposium & Trade Show is scheduled to be held October 19 through 22 in San Antonio, Texas.

12 SUMMER PART 2 2020

and suppliers to an opening launch event when the time is right. “This has been a challenging year for all busi-

nesses, especially the entertainment and hospitality sectors we work in, but we are now seeing positive signs of recovery, with themed entertainment des- tinations reopening, global design and installation projects resuming and new contracts being signed. Innovation remains central to the company’s mis- sion and we are excited to be on track to continue our strong growth trajectory well into 2021 work- ing with our global clients to deliver truly world- class experiences. “Our new Headquarters is known internally as

‘The Constellation’ and be will become the beat- ing heart of Holovis, working with our international teams and offices, who will continue to play an essential part in our strategic growth.”

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