Dark Rides

Action League We are very

excited about this new ride, which truly combines  of sensation and amusement into a completely new formula

interactive tournament experience between all participating visitors. The competition takes place in one large room and all teams duel amongst each other, across three to five different scenes. Winning teams compete against each other, alternating up to the final winning team. Shuffling of the teams is done during the rotation phase, which moves vehicles from one shooting window to the next. One game takes between two and three minutes, with 1.5 to 2.5 minutes of motion in between the games. Several competition formulas are available, between two teams, each in a vehicle, against other visitors in the same vehicle and through a scoreboard, which is positioned between two rooms. Intense shooting can be alternated with fast motion phases. During the rotation phase there is time to enjoy the motion and compare the scores. The largest format accommodates 72 players across

12 teams in vehicles seating six people each, which is a stunning 1,000 persons per hour throughput. The standard format hosts six teams of six people per vehicle, with a total of 36 players and throughput up to 500 people per hour. Furthermore, operators can change the number of shooting phases to adjust throughput, allowing more visitors at busy moments or giving more time to players during quiet periods. Etienne Sainton, responsible for product management

at Alterface, explains: “Based on our experience with interactive rides and feedback from the market, we decided to develop this new tournament formula. It is a totally innovative approach and combines the gaming and shooting in a competitive setting with the sensation of

Snorri Touren

motion whilst the platform turns between the screens and puts teams in competition.” Alterface delivers the ride as turnkey solution, applying

its awarded interactive and shooting technology, as well as Salto! show control which drives every aspect of the attraction. Expert partners integrate their technology for lighting, audio, decor and vehicles. The media content can vary, from existing ones or custom developed characters. Stéphane Battaille, CEO of Alterface, concludes:

“We are very excited about this new ride, which truly combines different levels of sensation and amusement into a completely new formula. Parks and leisure venues can obtain a major competitive edge by offering such technological high-level gaming experience, combined with the rotating thrill. The competitive aspect of Action League ensures a high repetition factor, whilst there is already an impressive throughput.”

Jora Vision Over the past couple of years, Jora Vision has invested heavily in reinventing its ride design, development and delivery approach with the sole goal of making dark rides experiences more (budget) accessible for a wider market. The company guides parks through a transparent development process, providing flexible solutions on small footprints and offering turnkey, high quality dark ride experiences. “Designing and building Dark Rides is one of our core

strengths” explains Jan Maarten de Raad, CEO at Jora Vision. “We are storytellers and dark rides are the ultimate way to do so, incorporating not only scenic decor, but also sound, lighting, visual effects, animatronics, music and the ride system. Because we understand creating dark rides can be a challenging exercise due to the many disciplines involved, more so than “catalogued” rides for example, we have a close collaboration with partners in the industry.” In 2019, Jora Vision was appointed by Europa-Park,

Europe’s second largest theme park to develop a new exciting family dark ride. “Snorri Touren” was created in the basement of the re-built Scandinavian area of the park and is based on the story of the mythical world of Rulantica, developed by the design team of Mack Solutions. Jan Maarten de Raad explains: “Not only did we get

Popcorn Revenge

the chance to work together with the creative talents of Mack Solutions, Mack Animation and Mack Rides, but we

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