Cover story

In the hotseat

Lagotronics Projects CEO Mark Beumers answers some burning questions….

PW: How long was this ride in development for? The first concepts of the ride were started in July 2018; production began in March 2019.

How involved was the park in the process? Obviously it was the Park team that had a partially existing building, and was looking for a new idea for this area. After A darkride was Discussed, it was also the Park who came up with the Castle Idea. The complete design and storyline where created

by Lagotronics Projects however. The park was involved in the construction of the

castle building, as well as the decoration of the interior castle walls.

Were there any other partners involved in the project? The track and vehicles where supplied by ART engineering - all further hardware was supplied by Lagotronics Projects. Think of Interactives, video, audio, lighting,

showcontrol, special effects, animatronics, decoration, etc.

Did you face any challenges during the construction phase? If so, how were they overcome? As with every project, there are challenges. First of all, to create such a complete ride in a fairly

small and existing area was a challenge. Different layouts were drawn before we found the right solution. Developing a nice and fitting theme and storyline

that matches the park, the building and the area was another challenge, but we achieved it!

What makes this dark ride so different from the others? With each dark ride you always try and work with a unique way of interactivity to make that ride stand- out. In this case, we didn’t just want to shoot targets, and score points. We also wanted to give the visitors an interactive feedback that somehow matches with the story. This resulted in lighting the candles.The castle is very dark, and you can hardly see anything, but by hitting the targets with your personal ‘Match- style’ interactive device, you light the candles. The more candles lit, the more secrets are revealed inside the castle, and the more points you score.

Is the park and its visitors pleased with the finished result? The park is very happy with the result. It was a great idea to create a dark ride in this unused space. Since the first meeting, Lagotronics Projects has

managed the project and provided professional advice. From generating the first ideas to developing the storyline to installation and commissioning. With this eye-catching new attraction, the area is


now complete offering guests a rollercoaster, water splash attraction and dark ride by using just one building.

What can we expect next from Lagotronics Projects? Currently we are working on The Kaisa Project – one of the biggest project in Lagotronics’ history. We have been commissioned to develop, design and realise a brand-new attraction concept for Kaisa Group Holdings, a large Chinese investment group. Kaisa International Resorts Group, a professional

group under the umbrella of the Kaisa Group, is currently building Kaisa Golden Bay Resort, a large- scale coastal resort complex combining properties, tourism, residences, business and culture in one place which is suitable for all seasons, all ages and all needs. The project is situated at the northwest coast line of Dapeng Peninsula, Southeast Shenzhen, covering a developed area of about 1.5 million square metres. Lagotronics Projects will create a unique interactive

experience on multiple levels. The story is about an important mission that needs to be executed in three phases. All phases are connected, and everyone is playing a different part in the same game, so teamwork is key to complete the mission. When guests enter the final part of the attraction they will be surprised by several futuristic themed VR “Speeders” on motion base platforms. Lagotronics Projects is the main contractor and

responsible for managing the entire project. From technical design to storyline, media development and production and installation of the interactive systems, motorbikes, motion base platforms, audio, video, lighting and (show) control. The project is not just a cooperation, from the beginning it was the start of a partnership between us and Kaisa to present something unique to the entertainment and attractions industry. We will be the representative for Kaisa to sell the attraction concept worldwide, but because of the size of the project, other vendors as well as Lagotronics Projects’ international located subsidiaries will also be involved. We are also finishing a project in the USA which

uses a unique ride experience combined with our interactives. Furthermore, we have another project in Germany

under construction.Currently this is still a Secret, but It’s going to be a GameChanger although it’s not a GameChanger! A true worlds-first.


The Wild & Freizeitpark Klotten, lovingly also called Klotti Park, is described as “the family park with a heart” in Klotten / Cochem on the beautiful Moselle. Designed for the whole family, it is one of the top attractions in the Eifel, Moselle and Hunsrück region. Commenting on its

newest ride, Kunibert’s Abenteuer, park owner, Hubert Hennes said: “Guests like the new attraction very much and are very surprised by the whole experience. We see them ride this attraction multiple times a day which obviously is a very good sign. They especially like the

story and theming of the ride in combination with the surprising effects that are activated by their interactive controllers. The entire process went smoothly and the contact with Lagotronics Projects was pleasant, partly because there were only two main suppliers involved; ART Engineering for the ride system and Lagotronics Projects for all other parts of the attraction.”

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