Dark Rides ????

A new twist on an old favourite H The ride will

feature a new queue experience, that is hosted by an animatronic Scrooge accompanied by one of the pesky humbugs


ighly themed and incorporating animatronics, illusions, lighting, motion vehicles, projection, pyrotechnics, smell, sound and more, we take a

look at how the dark ride format has evolved – in many cases, with a nod to the past. A great example of this is The Great Humbug

Adventure at Santa’s Village in Jefferson, NH which has been re-imagined by Sally Dark Rides to include new features while maintaining some classic fan favourites. The story of The Great Humbug Adventure

remains the same, taking riders throughout the homely mansion of Ebenezer Scrooge to help him with the disgruntled humbugs that are wreaking havoc on his estate. The ride features a new queue experience, that is hosted by an animatronic Scrooge accompanied by one of the pesky humbugs. During the pre-show, Scrooge explains how to use the special Giggle Gadgets to “tickle” the humbugs. Once the humbugs are tickled, they turn happy and stop wreaking havoc, and instead start helping spread Christmas cheer throughout the land. After the pre-show, riders embark on a ride experience that weaves throughout several areas of Scrooge’s old- English home, for a total of 14 intricately decorated scenes. Along the way, riders will encounter over 60 humbug targets. Notice, not all humbugs look or sound alike. Sally has added three different character profiles for visual variety, plus eight different giggle tracks. As a nod to the ride’s history, one of the original giggles remains.

The Great Humbug Adventure

First appearing in amusement parks in the 19th century, tunnels of love and ghost houses have long since given way to immersive narratives and interactive experiences that are nothing short of spectacular.

One of the most notable changes made during

the refurbishment is the overhaul of the targeting and scoring system, which creates a more accurate gaming experience. Each target changes colour after being hit to provide additional scoring opportunities during the ride. Additionally, the vehicle configuration has been updated

for an improved throughput. The ride now boasts seven 4-passenger ride vehicles, increasing capacity to over 500 people per hour. Fans of Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol and

literature aficionados will also appreciate the details and multiple references to the original work throughout the pre-show and ride. “With over 40 animatronic figures, state-of-the-art UV

lighting and animated scene lighting, interactive targets, and much more, The Great Humbug Adventure is sure to put anyone in the Christmas spirit, even old Scrooge himself!” says Lauren Weaver of Sally Dark Rides.

Triotech Triotech has been working on two major interactive dark rides recently, one in Vietnam and one in the USA. An important point to note is that in both cases, Triotech’s installation teams, whether in Vietnam or in California, were able to continue working on site to push the building and commissioning through despite the numerous challenges brought on by the pandemic. The first project is called “Dragon’s Spell”. The client is


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