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Night time event wins Nanning Fantawild park national TV coverage


antawild Asian Legend, one of the many Fantawild parks in the city of Nanning has had its event, ‘A Night Tour of Southeast Asia’, featured on China Central Television (CCTV) as part of a larger report on night time activities.

According to the report, many tourist spots run night time activities during the summer holidays in order to better satisfy the needs of visitors. CCTV highlighted the activity at the Fantawild park in Nanning saying, “Fantawild Asian Legend is open 13-hours a day. At night, visitors can find parade floats, food markets, and hip-hop music shows. It’s a new experience.” A famous tourist spot in Guangxi province, Nanning endeavors to present Southeastern culture through this modern theme park and provides visitors with a unique one-day tour of Southeast Asia. The operating hours of Fantawild Asian Legend have been extended to 10 P.M. this summer to accommodate the park’s night time activities.

The park organised themed events such as Fantawild Songkran Festival

where visitors could experience a unique water throwing festival in Laos. Guests can watch water shows and Fire God rituals amongst other exciting activities. Visitors are able to experience the charm of exotic cultures with the help of advanced technology. CCTV also reported that “nearly 500 drones took to the sky and displayed spectacular shows every night at the park. Various patterns were arranged like fireworks illuminating the night sky. This ceremony concludes your tour perfectly.”

According to a representative from the park, the night tour has been popular among visitors since it began in mid-July: “Night time activities have been available for the entire summer holiday, and the park has offered discounted tickets to local residents.” The park has embraced the trend of night economy by innovating night tours with themed activities. This has helped boost entertainment consumption and made Fantawild a well-known name within the night economy sector of Guangxi.

Nickelodeon Universe at Mall of America re-opens

Nickelodeon Universe re-opened at Mall of America, Bloomington, Minnesota on 10 August 10. After remaining closed for nearly five months due to COVID-19, the seven-acre theme park located inside Mall of America has made significant changes to maintain a safe, healthy, and comfortable environment for visitors. The Mall of America team worked with State and national organisations as well as industry experts to help identify and establish re-opening safety protocols for Nickelodeon Universe theme park, including operating with a significantly reduced capacity of 250 people throughout the seven-acre theme park at any given time. Capacity is controlled by only allowing guests through a single-entry point to Nickelodeon Universe. Guests are able to purchase a two-hour ticket which will allow them to enjoy unlimited attractions throughout Nickelodeon Universe within that time frame. Guests ages three and up are required to wear


face masks at all times except when eating or drinking, and must sanitise their hands before entering each attraction. Certain attractions are not open due to limited staffing with the reduced capacity levels as well as the inability to safely social distance. Team members assign seats for each attraction to maintain safe social distancing. Queue lines for each attraction have social distancing floor markers for guests waiting to enter an attraction. “Re-opening Nickelodeon Universe – even with significantly reduced capacity – is a positive step forward,” said Jill Renslow, EVP of business development and marketing for Mall of America. “This is a process, and we will continue to learn, evaluate, and if needed, enhance this new Nickelodeon Universe experience in the coming weeks and months. We are confident in the health and safety protocols we have in place and look forward to welcoming back guests of all ages to Nickelodeon Universe.”


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