Dark Rides

a ride of this proportion and level of theming is created. Therefore, we were excited that we could make our contribution to the ride. Based on the design of Mack Solutions, we once again got the opportunity to showcase our production skills and are proud to have delivered the forced perspective scene at the boarding station and the immersive Batavia Scene”.

Piraten in Batavia We are

storytellers and Dark Rides are the ultimate way to do so, incorporating not only scenic decor, but also sound, lighting,  animatronics, music and the ride system

were given the trust to translate their creative vision into a full concept design and execute the full project from schematic design up to the production of show sets.” Simeon van Tellingen, Creative Director at Jora

Vision adds: “What we love about this attraction is the combination of classic dark ride techniques, such as animatronics and elaborate show sets and state-of-the-art technology such as integrated media, lighting and yet to reveal special effects. Although it is designed to “wow” families with young children, it will definitely entertain guests of all ages.” Robin van der Want concludes: “What makes Snorri

Touren even more special is that the entire amount of 3D decor and integration of special effects has been fit into a limited space of only 500m2 with a ceiling height of approx. 3 meters. On top of which the project has been realised in a short time frame of only one year from start of design till opening to the public. This year, Jora Vision will be awarded with a Thea

award for Popcorn Revenge an interactive dark ride by Alterface, Jora Vision and ETF Ride Systems. The win will mark the 6th Thea award for the company. Robin van der Want explains: “With the theming for

Popcorn Revenge we have proven that you can create a very impressive dark ride experience with limited budgets, as long as you invest in a clever design, smart building method, good integration of lighting and media, and carefully crafted props and decoration. We are proud that after the Thea award winning “Bazyliszek” dark ride and the immersive “Jardin d’Acclimatation” attraction in Paris, we have once again delivered an amazing interactive attraction together with Alterface.” Following the positive collaboration on the project

Snorri Touren with the teams of Europa - Park, talks began on another exciting new dark ride development in the park being Piraten in Batavia. Opened in July 2020, Piraten in Batavia is an exciting

boat (dark) ride experience, which closely resembles its original design from 1987. For eight minutes, guests will accompany Bartholomeus van Robbemond on his search for the mystical Dagger of Batavia, the Fire Tiger. They will be taken through the exotic harbour city of Batavia experiencing unforgettable sceneries with over 125 figures. Robin van der Want explains: “Having seen the

beautiful designs of Mack Solutions, being part of the reconstruction of Piraten in Batavia had definitely been on our radar. Not often does it happen in Europe that


What’s next? This year during the first Saudi Entertainment and Amusement Trade Show in Saudi Arabia, Jora Vision and ETF Ride System presented a new mini dark ride for FEC’s: “Pirate Mania”. Pirate Mania is developed as a product

for indoor venues with a limited footprint who are looking to add an interactive family experience with a high repeatability factor. Currently high-class family dark rides are mainly affordable for theme parks. Pirate Mania is the first high class interactive dark ride developed especially for the FEC market or smaller parks, events etc. The space needed for this ride is only 250 m2. Jan Maarten de Raad, CEO of Jora Vision adds:

“Many theme parks value dark rides as a type of attraction. If it is made well, it is an immersive family experience which involves music, lighting, show-sets and integrated media. However, we strongly believe there is another market for dark ride experiences: the smaller FEC’s usually placed in shopping malls or commercial areas. Because of the small footprint and budget friendly concept, we hope to convince FEC’s that such dark rides are a great investment to diversify the entertainment offer. Ofcourse, with an excellent theming and story.”

Kraftwerk As mentioned earlier, the dark ride attraction “Pirates in Batavia” at Europa-Park in Rust, which has been very popular since 1987 and was destroyed in a fire in May 2018, celebrated its big comeback on July 28, 2020. For the reconstruction, Kraftwerk Living Technologies was entrusted with the planning and implementation of audio, video and lighting (AVL) as well as the signal control of the newly designed scenes of the dark ride. The scope of the audiovisual system integrator included

the entire media technology – the integration of over 300 loudspeakers, 700 spotlights and around 100 animatronics, all individually controlled, as well as show control and programming. One highlight is said to be the audio technology, which was completely realised via network.” First and foremost, the great challenge of the project

was the integration of the animatronics and special effects in harmony with the music and show. For the passage of the boats and a smooth flow it was therefore necessary to clock them exactly. Countless test runs were carried out to meet the usual high-quality standards of Europa-Park and to guarantee perfect timing of the show sequences – even with boats of different speeds. Sophisticated planning and coordination with the

stage designers was necessary to make all the technical equipment invisible and leave it in the background. The result? “A spectacular stage design with a unique

show programme, perfectly integrated technology and for sure an attraction that future visitors can look forward to,” said a spokesperson.


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