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location based entertainment experiences. Immersion reaches beyond simply the visual sense. The ultimate goal is to engage riders by touching all the senses like smell, sound, and feel. Most forms of entertainment from movies to museums all rely on individuals suspending reality and allowing themselves to be drawn into the story. Story-based attractions are no different. However, guests can get kicked out of the story when the experience bends reality so much that the suspension of reality can no longer be maintained. The most common reason this occurs is because one or more of the senses isn’t right. For example, imagine you are in VR going through a chocolate factory but you smell grease from the ride system. This sensory dissonance between the visual and olfactory systems creates a juxtaposition so strong that some guests may fall out of the immersiveness of the story. At CAVU and DreamCraft, we continually look to advances in technology to more truly engage all the senses to provide the most immersive story ever. New technologies like binaural audio, real-time scent delivery, and adaptive force- feedback systems provide guests with exceptionally real sensations. Midnight Ride is an action packed Hyper-reality VR experience set

in the Twilight story universe. As guests race through the moonlit Pacific Northwest, they encounter daring jumps and chases alongside Jacob and the Wolf Pack.

Midnight Ride, features avatar embodiment and tracking with custom

Predictive Ride Tracking for scaling guest avatars and increasing comfort in VR. Midnight Ride allows guests to interact with a story by directing the path they take. Giving guests the agency to choose their own path creates individual ride experiences and encourages repeat ridership. Mockingjay Flight places guests into The Hunger Games narrative and takes

them on a thrilling escape through the streets of the Capitol. This state of the art enclosed motion simulator is entirely electric and runs silently without environmental concerns.

The 6DOF motion base supports a 30-person cabin and is themed as

an authentic hovercraft used by the second rebellion. With an eye-popping digital presentation, this attraction delivers a vivid and realistic experience guests will love. The Thinkwell Group (Thinkwell) partnered with CAVU, DreamCraft and

Framestore to develop Midnight Ride and Mockingjay Flight. CAVU’s ride systems engineering talent combined with DreamCraft’s technical prowess, Framestore’s media expertise and Thinkwell’s creative and production leadership made The Twilight Saga: Midnight Ride possible along with the state- of-the-art immersive cabin simulator The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Flight Rebel Escape. The unprecedented experiences, Midnight Ride and Mockingjay Flight, will

launch in Lionsgate Entertainment World as a part of their 22,000 square meter property in China focused exclusively on VR and media based attractions. Advances in engineering also have tremendous impact on guest experiences. CAVU takes a blue sky engineering approach to design never before seen


attractions, like our Game Changers. systems/#_interactive-rides. Game Changers were created in partnership with London based Creative Technology agency Framestore. They revolutionize the way interactivity allows guests to change the ride vehicle movements and are changeable in real time, based on immediate feedback from the guest’s interactions. Tower Battle pits riders on opposing drop towers. Storylines can involve competition against another team or combining forces to attack a common threat. A vast transparent screen between the two towers, physical show sets or a combination of the two engage the riders to interact using different methods of interactivity. Adding 4DOF motion seats to the attraction gives additional movement, not traditionally used for a drop tower experience. Guests will have a unique experience every time they ride. Adventure Machine is a trackless vehicle that carries riders through various scenes, the path of which is determined by the decisions and actions of the guests. For instance, clearing a path to the left will cause the vehicle to veer through the event building that direction. Completely customizable interactivity elements, AV, media, and layouts make this ride adaptable for almost any facility. The ride uses 4DOF motion seats on top of a trackless vehicle for the first time

creating sensations typically only found in a track based dark ride. Taking a traditional simulator and adding an open space to direct your own movement, this attraction is pushing the barriers of the traditional dark ride. This collaborative alliance with CAVU and Framestore has started to take rides to the next level by intertwining storytelling with interaction.

JUNE 2019

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