Supplier Update

In our case, the latest innovation

that allows theme parks and locations to be fashionable is the LED VideoWall. In places like cinemas, trailers can be shown of upcoming films; at shopping malls they could showcase the latest trends in fashion and at amusement parks, different attractions or shows to capture the attention of visitors.

PW: User interactivity is vitally important to today’s consumers. How can technology enable photobooth users to engage not just on the day, but afterwards as well? Our photo booth is fully interactive to provide a better user experience. The process is entertaining, with hundreds of possible combinations of formats and products, where the players decide what their photo will be like.

The content continues to give after the initial experience is

over, because Digital Centre offers a QR Code to users with which they can access the Cloud, a fully customizable virtual space where videos and photos are hosted. From there content can be downloaded, sent by email and shared on social networks as many times as the user wants. It also creates a fun animated gif with pictures that users can download or share. The Cloud is also a great tool for owners because they can put an advertising banner that links to their website and also collect data from their customers.

What is an example of a truly innovative and commercially successful Digital Centre installation? A recent example is the Eclipse PhotoBooth at the FunWorks amusement centre in Dubai. It was a success from the first moment, providing an income to the owners quickly and giving users a great time and a photo souvenir. The main draw for this photo booth was its spectacular

exterior design, with a huge curved 12 foot LED VideoWall, able to draw the attention of visitors from a great distance and filling the location with light and colour.

How do you ensure you remain ahead of the curve when developing new and existing products? We look at what our target market needs nowadays, we keep ourselves informed on technological advances and we apply them to our products. We know that interactivity prevails in today's entertainment

sector, but users can obtain this experience through their smartphones without having to leave home, so the industry has moved towards experiences that oblige users to go to an entertainment centre to enjoy, such as virtual or augmented reality. We decided to opt for interactivity and for an experience

that the user could only live in our photo booths, so the highly interactive LED VideoWall PhotoBooths have been the biggest success this past year.

JUNE 2018

How do you ensure you protect the data of both your customers and their customers? Digital Centre developed Share Secure technology for strict data protection. None of the user data entered into the photo booth is at risk of being stolen and used fraudulently. Photographs of the users are hosted with their consent in the Cloud, in a virtual space restricted only to the user, which they can access via smartphones to download the photos and send them through social networks.

What ongoing support do you provide for your customers? We offer constant software updates. We also provide exclusive designs for the photos every season or holiday, for example Halloween, Valentine’s Day or summer, so that our customers’ photo booths are customised with the latest designs. Our customers alsohave a very useful tool called MyPhotoCode, with which they have direct access to their photo booths in real time, telling them the status and alerts of their photo booths from a distance.

What would you say is Digital Centre’s company ethos? Clearly innovation. Innovation is our core activity and our promise. We are always evolving our products - the world should be prepared to be surprised by new ways of understanding photo booths. It is not just about taking a photo, but about having an unforgettable time and living an augmented experience. Our aim is to make our products convey these emotions to users. However, a new purpose has emerged over time and this has been to expand the market to new territories, where our products are very well received. The US, Canada, Europe and Australia are already consolidated markets for us, in which our products have matured and become very reliable, providing great income to the owners. This why we believed that it was time to expand into new regions like Asia and the Middle East, where over the last two years we have seen a great reception.

Digital Centre was founded in 1997 with the goal of creating a new product to reinvigorate the stagnant photobooth market. Dr Face was the only Photobooth that created a photomontage with the faces of the users in different bodies, and after it proved a success, Digital Centre launched Baby Boom, which featured a risqué chassis design never seen before in the sector. From the classic best seller

New Generation through to 3D and LED capable of playing on huge exterior VideoWalls, Digital Centre remains committed to equipping operators with exceptional software, connected to social networks, and completely customisable for each owner, event, holiday or time of year.


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