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Behind the scenes, a complex matrix of software and data tracking tools are at work, engaging with the guest’s physical, emotional and intellectual responses to make the tr

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data tracking t s

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Tracking ec Our advances in

ck g Technologies and Computer Vision Our advances in Computer Vision and 3D tracking technologies enable guest rea


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highly unique, inno exp

highly unique, innovative ways. W e determine the focal points that guests are naturally dr experience, unde

experience, understanding their mo

n Co ers


n Computer Vision and 3D e

on erstanding their mo ements, gestur s stu

e ways. We determine the focal points that guests are naturally drawn to in an g th m vements, ges

D tracking technologies enable guest rreactions to be me nts

s e stures and body language, then e d b y la

Proximity beacons, geofP ximiity beacons, geiimit  each c

 Guests no

Guests no longer need t th

ues ues

step of the expe certa

a pe eal-ttimettim to guest activityeal-timei ctivi e

s, e rien st activity

s st activity.

they reach certain locations that r s

experiences e

no longer ne d o ha e their phones in their hands in ain

  hon

step of the experience is ready to be unleashed. W e use a variety of tracking guest behaviours,ehaviours, experiences and interactions to both impr real-time t

erience is ready t o be unleashed further

locations that r hei

ns at equire fur nd

and inter y

learning to create unique immersive experiences that use image recognition, naturthat use image rec processing and biometrics to personalise and enrich guest interactions.

            game pla de

Machine learning o keep them inv

M h ne deep learning to

Machine game pla

deep m

    la y to keep hem rnin

e learning 

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em inv olved b u

unique based xp 

xperiences un ue

niiq q 

ed based on their unique abilities and actions. We utilise our inno ationsovations in ue immersiv

d on their unique abilities and ac sive ex

es t u

cognition, se

co n

and actions. We uttilutilise our inno a i ns in age

natural languageral age

 We understand physical,, intellectual and emo

rst d p in lec

real-time t erien

experience, directly dependent on the audience and their needs. A.I. opens up exciting possibilitiestin for creating enga for creating engaging, emer

e understand physical, intellectual and emotional r sp eal-time o their preprefferences. When link n

al- e to their pr pe


ctly dependent on the audience a agi

aging, emer y pe

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When th

mergent narr t na atives es and e e o a ride multiple ti es and experiences that are truly unique to each visitor,r,

ences. Wh lin ed with motion systems we tailor the intensity of the o he au

link ed with motion systems we d


experiences that ar d ei

motio thth

exp encouraging guests to return to a ride multiple times. nces t ar

ottional responses from audiences and adapt the st h mo he

and their needs. A.I. opens up ex ith motion systems we tailor the aud

om audienc

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ly u

e truly unique e

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ces and adapt th he in en ng

intensity of ad

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actions t a

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b e the their visit on

er need to have their phones in their hands in order ai

geofencing hei hand

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evolve the st e the st es ory in y in real-time.

echnologies and ompu ter

e n mp

ollog s and Computer V siVi nolo

r Vision ome.

a is having a big impact on the attractions industry. Rides no longer need t . Rides no longer need o follow a set predetermined path, they hath h ve become multidimensional and non-linear, putting the control in the guest’s hands to drive their own, unique, personalised adv

d th e their o o

er need to follow a set predetermined path, they ha own, unique, personalised adventurere.

edeterm ow , p

cal, emotional and intellectual e.

eactions to be measuredmeasured in o in an

d iin me

e We use a variety of tracking technologies to understand o both imp

their hands in order to use them as r interaction, the ar

improve their visit and enable oper it and enable

ale th a


as part of the game. When em no ie

Wh ex ond able opera ors o re perators tto respond in

er to use them as partofthe game. When ey get an alert that lets them know the next ck g technologies to understand abl

hat lets them know the gam


espond in nd

the story in th

the overall s

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