company in terms of infra structure and people. Since Acuris acquired C6, for

example, we now have ISO 2700 1 certification relating to data security, a really r obust dat a centre in t wo London locations – mitigating it in terms of failover – and we ha ve added significant head count to our resear ch team to really bolster the data that we endeav our to provide to customer s. I could talk about small pieces of functionality we have added o ver time, but the most significant is pr obably that we were previously a website where y ou would log in then do a search and we had the ability for you to monitor large v olumes of

, ty

customers; now our newe st appr oach – and this is aligned to what is going on in the market – is that we hav e more of an integrated approach, so we have a r eally strong API which can push our dat a into the workflow of our cust omer s.

Coming back to the point about a lot of provider s in the AML space that come int o gaming pr ovide their platform that the banks are using, and it’ s confusing for the casino operators because, they’r e not banks and they have to come out of their workflow to use that. W enjoyed success particular


Prepared or: Si gJewel Date: 26th

at 26 his is Se sample por

EnhanceEnhan ced Due Diligence  Samp e Exp ess Re Prepared for: SingJewel

Diligence September 201 9 em er 01

T his is a sample re port b ased on iinve stigations conduc ted on a r eal subjec t by Acur is Risk Intelligence. However, details inc luding names, address es, ima ge s and source link s in t hiis sample report have be en change d and do not exist. Any resemblance to an actual subjec t is pur ely coincidental.

sed not xist. A

However, de ails includin names, add hange

Subject Identifiers Name


Date of Birth Nationality

Current Address urre Ad re Additional Address Subject Identifiers

Jamshed MARA   22 January 196 Indian (verified)


ver fied 

  IDID Numbe Educationducation Upgrade? umber

  

AJAN J1962 (ver fi verified)

126 Trinity Crescent,0, London,H. Londo (verified)

H98 J0W, Un ited Kingdo m. Mu

34 , , Gajanand Bl dg., Op p. Khar Rl y. Stn., Khar (west Mumbai, Maharashtra, 400052, India;

ai Ma aras tra, 400052, In a;

48 Adarsh Industrial Estate, Pokhran Road-, Jekegram, New De

assport numb er: Z9807 4,14 August 2023 (validated) Directo Id Perman nt

Pa4 date of expiry 14 202 (val

N,110090 r:


Dire ctor Identification Numb er (DIN): 00230988 Permanent Account Numb er (PAN): ADMN098KL No information found.

ti cati (DIN): 3098 count Numbe (PAN): ADMN098K

3- Potential lymore business details, wealth information and adverse med ia reports could be found.

(verif ed Overvie

 


Overview 

(verifiied) 44, ugu Delhi, 110090, Delhi. t), Stock Photo semblanc

nvestigations conducted on ss s, image and sourc to an actual subje

ubject by

link in is ure

ur s sample oincidental Ri telligenc port have be Samplel Express Repor ss Report

casinos, where with a great er volume of people the check is going to happen at the cage when they ar e cashing in or out, and a trigger has happened. The trend w e are seeing with land-based ca sinos is that they are trying to integr ate and API AML solution into existing casino management sy stems, and it’s one of the biggest conversations w e are currently having with land-based operat ors all over the world. It’s about ho w we can

The sub ject is n o t a Politically Exposed Person (PEP). itically xp ed Pe

The sub ject is affiliated wi th 15 companies in the Un ited Kingdom and India. Adverse med ia was identified on the subject, his spouse and his company.

pous Wealth Ove vieverview

Type of Asset Ek R 284,003,53

Business usi Performance

Estimated Value INR 284,003,530 (GBP 3,277,542)

INR 43,443,450 (GBP 501,359)

Remar s ted,

Remark Est

st mated value of KFttiimatedvf FLOW LiLimited, owned by the subject and his spouse. The total revenue of KFLOW Commerce Private ted,

TFLOW ommer Li

he total rev nue Ce Limited, owned by the subject and his spouse, in 2018.

ne ne

ubjec an

LOW Group H ubjec and h

p Holding Pr vate po

g Private

Adverse Medidia No match

dv po nc No mat h ch y.

integrate into their existing sy stems because the customer has invested hea vily in their systems. The need to integrat e checks has increased at the volume end of the mar ket and it is about finding an efficient w ay of doing that within existing softw

tw are, because

the casinos don’t need t o be buying another cloud-based system or another piece of kit, it’s about working with what they already ha ve and creating efficiencies in the ov erall process.

y 1

CI: How does money laundering happen specifically in gaming, and why is it such a hot topic now?

We ha v e rly in gaming with our API solution

because we can ping our data into their workflo w and make it more efficient for them to get player s through the door with fewer issues around false positives. That’ s been a r eal area of success for us, aligning with the v ery different individual workflows in the industry.

People working in gaming need a more real-time workflo w , which means specific tools they are alr eady using – and our data tools feeding into that. So that’s a big wa y in which we ha v e changed. But we ha v e done a lot of functional launches, data launches… We a We are in the process of taking data fr om other areas of Acuris and bringing that in to the gaming offering – it is based around wealth, a database that is part of our division called W

d W people that have benefited from some t

Wealth Monitor. It allo ws us to identify type of liquidity e v ent;

we are looking to r epurpose some of that cont ent int o our AML offering.

In terms of mass market, you have remote operat or s where it is quite easy because your customer s are coming in to a portal and you have to age verify, and hav e to do a sanction check at some point; it’s eas y to manage and automate, and that’s where the API comes in. When you talk about mass market in a land-based casino the challenge s are quite different, and the trend we are seeing is you have t type

CI: How does this process wor k with land-based and online operators? At what point does a c heck come into play? JL:


types of casino: VIP rooms in places like Macau or London ’ s Mayfair, where they kno w who is coming in and they can pre-empt and it is a more high-level check; and your mass

76 OCTOBER 2019

The basic tenets of money laundering ar e around placement of funds, then usuall y ther e is some element of layering, and then some e xtraction of funds. A simple example is you walk int o a bookmaker, put £5 00 int o a slot machine, ay

JL: out. It’s gone in as dirty

why gambling has always been consider ed a high-risk area, because you put the money in and ar e willing to lose some of it because when you take it out, it’s clean. It’s a w ashing machine with a little shrinkage.

The market for gaming in the UK has opened up and the government has given us the luxury of allowing operator s to come and play in that market. W

We are privileged to ha ve

gaming in our market but there is a pressur e that comes with that, to be responsible for that mark et. Money laundering is important, however, where the activity fr the regulat or is focussed here and in other jurisdictions is more toward responsible gaming. W ith that it’s about ensuring that with the luxury of having a licence, ar e you being responsible with the player that ar e coming on, are you looking after them, are you making sure the y are not spending too much, and making sure what is being spent is not coming from criminality, and that if they ha ve an addiction they are not then moving toward criminality; this is the bigger problem, and it is where r egulators are r eally focussing at the moment. Money laundering is alwa ys important, but responsible gaming is more impor tant and we fit into the middle of all of this. Our information tells our customers triggers to help them make sur e their own customers need to be checked, asked que stions, and more. The bigger the market gets, the more r esponsible that country and regulator needs to be.

ty fr om ty; this

play a couple of spins, go t o the cash de sk and cash y funds and come out clean. That’s

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