November 2020

If you think a relatively unknown name would deter consumers, think again!

than 20 years before joining Panasonic. He then joined Big Red Sales earlier this year as Midlands Area Sales Manager. Mr Leach picks up the story: “Having been on the

retail side I appreciate how important it is to give the retailer face-to-face details regarding stock levels and frequent heads-up of what is in the pipeline in terms of promotions and new products etc.” And we all appreciate how important stock

control can be, especially this year, not least during the season when availability can sometimes be a huge problem. And a headache that can sometimes result in lost sales and profit. Mr Reddington continues: “In the current market

Consumers love the British design of Mitchell & Brown TVs and it’s the small to medium size screens that mainly attract the demographics of our customers.

Big on British Being a British firm is something Mitchell & Brown really promotes and capitalises on – even to the point of including a large Union Jack flag on its packaging. Continues Mr Westmoreland: “Consumers love the

British design. Of course they appreciate the sets are manufactured abroad but they really like the fact that they are sold by a British company targeting a UK audience by including UK specifications.” “Although Mitchell & Brown sell televisions up to

75-inch, it is the small to medium size screens that mainly attract the demographics of our customers. “In the area my business covers the majority of

consumers are living in smaller and more rural homes, which couldn’t take a screen of more than 50 inches, which is why the smaller TV sector accounts for about one third of my television business.” Mr Westmoreland adds: “And of course the

company’s servicing back-up – being UK based – is another big attraction.” Says John Reddington, Founder of Big Red Sales,

the nationwide sales company that first introduced Mr Westmoreland to the brand: “We have enjoyed great success with Mitchell & Brown since we took

it on nearly three years ago. I believe that one of its key USPs is that being retailers themselves they value and listen to the opinion of other retailers when deciding upon their product line-up.”

A small world We all know what a small world it is in our industry. So it is no surprise to discover that Graham Leach, the Big Red Sales agent servicing Mr Westmoreland’s business, actually worked for the retailer for more

it is a great tribute to Mitchell & Brown that it has achieved such success in a relatively short time. We are finding that many of our retailer customers are now concentrating their TV business on just two brands – one of which is Mitchell & Brown.”

If you want to see details of Mitchell & Brown’s new Edge TVs (out in time for Christmas), turn to page 20 to read ERT’s All I Want for Christmas feature.


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