Making big strides in the small screen market

Retail store Stuart Westmoreland started stocking Mitchell & Brown TVs a year ago, and sales of the British-branded TVs have exceeded expectations in that time, as Director Richard Westmoreland explains in this article.

they would probably think it was invented in the Far East. And not by Scottish inventor, John Logie Baird, who devised this amazing creation while walking the hills outside Hastings where he lived. So it’s interesting to learn how British TV company


Mitchell & Brown is growing its share in this highly competitive marketplace. Granted, its LED TVs are manufactured in Europe but everything else right through from product specification to design originates here in the UK. And the company’s faith in its product is underlined

by an industry-leading seven-year warranty. Another interesting fact is that Mitchell & Brown,

one of the newest TV brands in the market place, was born four years ago from 23 years of retailing experience through its umbrella company, TV & Video Direct, in Bolton.

t is very easy to forget that the television was a British invention. In fact, if you asked consumers – from millennials to middle-aged –

It is no wonder, then, that the manufacturer is

very popular with dealers. In fact, it now has over 200 retailers selling its products and enjoying good profit margins.

Massive sales increase

One such retailer is Richard Westmoreland of Stuart Westmoreland in Loughborough and Melton Mowbray. Mr Westmoreland was introduced to the brand a

year ago by nationwide sales company, Big Red Sales, which absorbed the brand into its portfolio back in 2018. He reports that he has seen sales of Mitchell &

Brown televisions increase “massively” in the past 12 months. He says: “It’s a brand that has really filled the large

hole left vacant by the big players in the market who dropped out of selling smaller screen TVs. And last but not least it provides good margins.”

And if you think a relatively unknown name

would deter consumers, think again! As Mr Westmoreland explains: “The seven-year

guarantee is a big pull, that’s for sure. It breeds immense confidence in the brand. After all, any manufacturer that is prepared to put its name on the line with a guarantee like this certainly resonates well with the consumer.”

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