COOK LIKE A PRO Home Appliances

November 2020

28 Master chef

As more and more budding home chefs are experimenting with fancier food at home, the increased use of specialist kitchen appliances is something retailers should take note of.


onsumers are taking more time nowadays to cook at home for their family and friends, taking pride in their kitchens and using this space to unwind or entertain. Shoppers

will always require the essential appliances, but research shows that they are also browsing higher-spec, more professional-grade products to help them hone their cooking skills while attempting to serve up gourmet grub. In addition, the COVID-19 crisis has had a

significant impact on kitchen and cooking trends. Consumers have had more time this year to enjoy cooking and people are thinking outside the box. Says Wes Butler, Product Manager at Montpellier:

“While we have been limited on what we can do, we are trying to create our favourite ‘eat out’ meals at home, like replicating that favourite Italian meal or making marinades to rival Nando’s. Products that can help create a professional finish and make the cooking experience that much easier are definitely on the rise.” Carrie Bell from CDA agrees: “Home cooks

cannot retrain as amateur chefs in order to satisfy their demanding palates. Egg and chips won’t hit the spot if what you really had in mind was more Gordon Ramsay than greasy spoon.” A new study by Hotpoint revealed that

lockdown sparked positive changes in family behaviour and habits in the kitchen too, with mealtimes bringing UK families closer together. Over a third of Brits sat down to eat together more as a family during the pandemic than before lockdown, with 41 per cent cooking more meals together as a family. Interestingly, 36 per cent also said they rediscovered their love of cooking during the pandemic. Multifunctional appliances enable users to cook

like a pro and gain the benefits of owning numerous products, while taking the space of just one. Ms Bell continues: “We have some fantastic

tried and tested automatic pre-sets that choose the temperature, time and cooking function for you, temperature probes that ensure perfectly pink beef or thoroughly cooked poultry, and steam cooking for preserving nutrients.” Ovens and microwaves with an integrated

steam cooking function are a prime example of this. With increasing numbers of health-conscious consumers, steam cooking has rapidly increased in popularity; cooking with steam requires no additional fats or oils and allows users to create nutritious meals with perfect results. The Hotpoint Class 9 combination steam oven

features 10 assisted cycles and the oven temperature and dish cooking time are pre-set

and automatically applied when a cycle is selected by the user. Instructions are also provided to ensure optimal steam cooking results for dishes such as rice, vegetables and poultry. Jane Rylands, Head of Marketing

Communications for Stoves, adds: “This year more than ever people want to create restaurant standard food at home. It is important to have something that brings the family together and provides a break from the monotony of lockdown. “Whether it’s dedicated steam appliances or

those with just features and functions, demand is increasing significantly, which is making steam a solid consideration for retailers.”


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