November 2020

The new Kids Zone on the AURA box.


Then, with Chromecast built-in as standard on

Android TV, AURA also enables you to stream photos, videos, music and other media to the TV screen from a laptop, tablet or mobile phone over Wi-Fi. And building on that, we are really bringing in smart

home integration with this device. The remote control offers several quick access keys, one of them being a Google Assistant button to activate voice control, so you can ask the AURA box to turn the lights off or turn the heating up, depending on what systems people have in place. Also to control the TV, like fast forward or turn the channel over. So we are building into that future home ecosystem. Your imagination is left to run wild! There is also the companion Humax AURA app, so

via a mobile device you can stream live TV or recordings around the home or download shows to watch later on the move, as well as view the guide or set recordings or reminders when you’re out the house. Lastly, we wanted to appeal to an expanded

demographic, so something we are particularly proud of is the AURA Kids Zone, an area of unique content just for children. It’s clever because episodes of any programme can be browsed, searched and selected by duration; for example, if you’ve got 30 minutes before dinner you can search for programmes that are 30 minutes long. That way there are no issues if the TV has to be turned off any earlier! It’s such a useful tool in my house! A simple but effective function.

RP: The more we talk to people the more different reasons we are seeing why customers can engage with the box. From an independent retailer’s point of view, they can really understand the product and offer a very

comprehensive, tailored demo to show the consumer what they can really get from the product. They can set up a smart home demo in store with compatible lights, speakers and voice control, for example. It’s opened up the world to more than just a TV recorder.

Q: You’ve got some key partners on this latest project, will you work in that way again in the future? RP: The set top box industry is very much moving to different solutions, whether it’s RDK or Android. For us as a global business, Android has been a big area of focus. And working with the guys at Digital UK, they have been instrumental in this as well, working with Google and all the Freeview agreements in place to enable us to deliver this product. We are very proud of this new box. It’s

a massive step forward for the industry and I owe a lot of thanks to both the technology teams and James and his team. I feel that Humax

is in a great place. We haven’t had a new product release for a couple of years. Lockdown has been

miserable for everyone, but we’re grateful to have this fantastic new device, and our teams are all working very hard on delivering it and bringing something great for our retail partners.

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