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Top to bottom: Built-in double oven, Montpellier. Bosch induction hob. Bosch HomeConnect app. NEFF oven. Ms Rylands continues: “We have introduced

functions like Steam & Infuse on our Stoves Deluxe range cookers, which allows consumers to achieve healthy cooking more quickly, evenly and with fuller flavour.” Elsewhere, Rangemaster introduced steam to

its NEXUS range cooker to cater to the growing network of passionate home cooks. Range cookers have enjoyed decades of

popularity as a multifunctional appliance that can bake, roast, griddle and more, however, the addition of steam takes the culinary possibilities one step further. NEXUS Steam opens the door for more innovation in a category that has remained mostly unchanged over the last few years, the manufacturer says. “A common consumer misconception is


steam’s only use is for cooking fish and vegetables,” explains Iskender Diker, Director of Sales and Marketing at Rangemaster, “but it is in fact much more versatile and can be used to make boiled eggs and defrost food. Steam cooking also helps to preserve foods’ nutritional value and moisture, and prevents the transference of flavours so that multiple items can be cooked at once – from seafood and eggs, to risotto and chocolate desserts.” Professional cooking methods such as steam and

sous vide are increasingly making their way from professional into domestic kitchens, and as Maurizio Severgnini, Managing Director at Bertazzoni UK and Ireland, says, technology built into cooking appliances doesn’t start at the production line, but with the design and development. “Modern products can manage the whole

cooking process with pre-programmed settings, or intuitive food probes that can monitor and control

temperature and functions

accordingly,” says Mr Severgnini. “This way, home chefs don’t have to rely on their personal capabilities as the product takes care of everything for them.” The Bertazzoni Modern Series, for example,

comes with pyrolytic self-cleaning technology alongside an impressive 76-litre cavity. It also comes with a total steam function that uses vapour to deliver restaurant-quality healthier cooking.


When it comes to cooking inspiration, consumers are shopping for food nowadays based on recipes they want to try, rather than buying the same ingredients every week. With these experiments, consumers’ interest in bigger and better appliances is also increasing. Multi-function ovens, such as the Whirlpool

Absolute single multifunction oven, are firmly on the consumer’s radar. These offer even more technology and features but they also do the ‘thinking’ too – monitoring, adapting and controlling the cooking processes – so the consumer doesn’t have to worry. The Whirlpool Absolute benefits from pre-set,

automatic cooking programmes and 6TH SENSE technology. The oven will sense the mass of food inside and automatically monitor and adjust the cooking time and temperature. It also benefits from the Cook3 function, which

lets users cook on three shelf levels at the same time, each with a different dish, without the mixing of flavours or aromas. While Whirlpool’s Ready2Cook technology, there is no need to preheat the oven, users can simply place the dish into the cold oven and technology does the rest. A number of cooking appliances now benefit

from automatic programmes and specialised recipe functions.

Indesit’s Turn&Cook

programme automatically sets the perfect temperature and cooking time for over 80 recipes with a simple turn of the dial. It also turns the oven off automatically when the dish is cooked and the app also links up with the Indesit Aria built-in oven. Elsewhere in the range, the Indesit Aria built-

in microwave features Double Power Wave technology which improves the microwave oven’s cooking, reheating and defrosting performance, as well as ensuring dishes are cooked thoroughly without any hot or cold spots. Meanwhile, when it comes to app control,

Shaun English, Independent Retail Director at BSH UK and Ireland, says the company looks to provide cooking products that will appeal to all consumers – from those wanting a helping hand through to the most experimental. “Pre-set automatic programs ensure great

results,” explains Mr English, “by setting the perfect heating mode, temperature and cooking duration. And with the Home Connect app, users can choose from a vast recipe collection which also contain the optimum settings to use on their appliances. They can also monitor its progress via the app.”

Size matters

Stoves’ Ms Rylands adds that the manufacturer has introduced a host of technology updates in the last couple of years to meet new demand, but also some practical ones too. “On built-in products across both Belling and

Stoves we have large capacity models, offering up to 80 litres on some of our 90cm appliances, to cater for families who are suddenly spending a lot more time at home and eating together,” she says. “Likewise, on range cookers across Belling,

Stoves and Britannia, capacity is king – and these products with multiple cavities are key in households that have to cater for a number of diets.” Indesit’s Brand Manager, Charmaine Warner,

comments: “Particularly in the run-up to the festive season, retailers should find out what is important to the customer in terms of capacity and functionality. This will help them to recommend the appliances that are best suited to them and are within their budget.”

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