Samsung Electronics has announced its expansion of its Bespoke Home Appliances line-up

The Bespoke refrigerator line-up is expanding to Europe – products are available in 1-Door and Slim 1-Door Fridge and Freezer options, and Classic Fridge Freezer models in 1.8 and two metre options with six different finishes and a broad palette. Launching in the second half of this year is a

microwave oven and dishwasher, built in the same look and feel as the refrigerator. Also coming this year, a Bespoke AirDresser, Bespoke air purifier, and Bespoke Jet stick vacuum cleaner.

8 The Bespoke Jet comes with a Clean Station and

charging station attached, while Jet Bot AI+ is the first robot vacuum to come equipped with an Intel AI solution. The smart vacuum leverages its object recognition technology, along with its LiDAR and 3D sensors, to identify objects and determine the optimal cleaning path. Also outfitted with a camera, Jet Bot AI+ is integrated with the SmartThings app to assist with remote home monitoring. The Korean manufacturer also highlighted other new lifestyle appliances, including Bespoke

Mitchell & Brown has unveiled details of its expanded 2021 TV line-up, with models arriving through May and June. The new collection boasts 30 new models covering

4K/Ultra HD, Smart, DVD Combi, Full HD and HD Ready TVs, and offers a modern aesthetic with design cues that extend across the range. The hero for 2021 is the UHD18114KBL 4K Smart

Near-Borderless series, available in 43, 50 and 55-inch screen sizes. The ultra-modern design offers a super- slim bezel surround, Freeview HD and a host of Wi-Fi connected services, including Amazon Prime Video, Netflix, Freeview Play, YouTube and Alexa voice control. The crisp, Ultra HD screens use the latest Dolby

HDR (High Dynamic Range) LED technology that will smoothly upscale even standard definition sources to make the most of its 4K resolution screen. The image is backed by a premium sound system, with a built-in subwoofer in the two larger models. For those with slightly smaller spaces, Mitchell &

Brown this year offers a selection of smaller screen TVs for stand or wall-mounting, coming with Freeview HD and also with and without built-in DVD player. These models (20 to 32-inch screen sizes) are supplied with a stand or can be wall-mounted.

Haier has introduced major products across refrigeration and laundry. Adding to its ever- growing cooling range with the FD 83 SERIES 7 French Door refrigerator, it comes with a water dispenser, and it offers customised connectivity, tailored to consumer needs, via Wi-Fi and powered by the hOn smartphone/tablet app. Second is the introduction of the new I-Pro

Series 5 (959 Series) which consists of a washing machine and washer dryer. A full set of dedicated

ShoeDresser, Cube refrigerator and water purifier, nodding towards its future. These are currently only available in Korea.

programs ensures superior cleaning, drying and sanitising for your laundry. All this is powered by the patented Direct Motion Motor technology.

There are brand new integrated Push&Go washing machines and washer dryers from Indesit. Designed to help busy families complete larger

loads of laundry within the same standard footprint, the new appliances benefit from Indesit’s clever water balanced technology – to ensure only the right amount of water is used for each load. Users can also adjust the spin speed and water temperature for further resource savings. The new 9kg washing machine benefits from 14

programmes, including Push&Go and the specific 30-degrees Zone cycles. Push&Go is a time-saving, one-button system that begins a dedicated 45 minute cycle at 30 degrees, without the user having to adjust any of the settings. The integrated washer dryer benefits from 8kg

wash/6kg dry capacity, Push&Go and a variety of drying options, including Drying only and Iron, which softens creases in the garments after the cyle.

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