May 2021

Philips Hue, Sonos Move speaker, Samsung Terrace TV. Bottom left: Sony XB13 speaker

Also thinking about all those outdoor pursuits,

and renowned for its range of high-quality mounting solutions for Sonos, Flexson recently announced the launch of the brand new SR-MTC Mountable Travel Cover for Sonos Roam. Roam by name, roam by nature – it is designed

to optimise the speaker’s portability without compromising the sound quality. The bespoke protective shell guards the

speaker against any knocks and bumps that can occur while out on adventures or even around the home. The cut-outs are positioned to ensure that the sound quality is not compromised by the casing, while also allowing connection to the charging dock. The Travel Cover (pictured bottom right) offers

rugged protection and multiple mounting and hanging options, including a carabiner clip, ideal for attaching to backpacks, two loop holes for accommodating Velcro straps or something similar, as well as sliding spine fittings for attaching to a wall, a bike frame and more. Meanwhile, there’s Sony’s SRS-XB13 speaker…

“the perfect travel companion,” Ms Gaby tells ERT. “It’s a compact, lightweight and easy-to- carry portable speaker – with up to 16 hours of battery life. “No matter where the user goes, the XB13 is

fully waterproof and dustproof with an IP67 rating. It also comes with a specially engineered strap to make it easier to travel with.” Or what about music and a light show, to

really keep the atmosphere going! The portable Pulse 4 brings a 360-degree LED light show and a single charge will give you up to 12 hours of listening time. In addition, its ingenious waterproof design means it can be taken almost anywhere without fear of spilling drinks, the inevitable British rain downpour or even dropping in the pool.

Garden ready Talking of lights, if your customers are excited to be finally mixing with others and they are getting garden-ready for guests this summer, there are a few options to brighten up any evening… literally. The outdoor range of smart lighting from Innr

will bring variety and colour to your outdoor spaces, offering everything from easy-to-use spot lights – with the Spot Light Starterkit – and Flex Strips compatible with all Zigbee bridges, including Philips Hue, so they’re a great extension to your smart lighting setup. Also in the range are the Innr Pedestal Lights (right). These smart lights give you 16 million colours

to choose from so you can effortlessly personalise your garden, patio or balcony with a simple tap of the app. Elsewhere, there’s an assortment of options

from Philips, as Rod Slater, Head of Smart Tech and IoT at Exertis, explains: “As the evening draws in, Philips’s gorgeous colour lighting comes into play making the darkness fun and inviting. “The Lily spot light three-pack lets you

highlight your favourite outdoor features, create interesting shadows and more. Simply connect the smart outdoor spotlights into any standard wall socket using the included low-voltage power supply to get millions of shades of white or coloured light in your garden.” But what if there’s a big match on TV,

everyone would have to pile indoors to watch it? … Not necessarily… Come rain or shine, enjoy outdoor entertainment all year round. “With an IP55 rating, The Terrace from

Samsung brings spectacular TV viewing to your favourite outdoor spaces,” says Mr Slater, “and it is protected against water, dust and heat. Finally, consumers can enjoy entertainment outdoors without worrying about the weather forecast!”

But as he points out, what’s the point of

outdoor tech if you can’t connect? Getting that Wi-Fi signal outside used to be a challenge few could overcome. The Omada Mesh Wi-Fi range from TP-Link,

supplied by Exertis, for example, includes an outdoor waterproof access point so you can take your inside outside – everything you can surf, watch, read and listen to indoors is now available outdoors.

Safe and sound So while you’re enjoying your new garden spaces and catching up with friends and family, who will watch for visitors at the front door? Continues Mr Slater: “Your Terrace TV, when

combined with a Ring doorbell, will notify you onscreen when a visitor approaches or rings the doorbell by presenting an in-picture view of the camera feed. When combined with a smart lock, you can even let your visitors in without leaving your seat!” In the first half of last

year, people focused on things that they needed to have at home; in the second half, purchases then developed into things they wanted to have. Home automation (such

as alert detectors, intruder security and visual cams, as well as thermostats and lighting) showed significant year-on- year growth of 23 per cent of total smart sales in Europe last year according to GfK. The rise of home security products can be felt

across the industry, with electrical retailers reaping real benefits. >>


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