ANALYSIS: BUILT-IN Home Appliances

May 2021 Hotpoint Total No Frost built-in fridge freezer



Mr Platt continues: “Research we undertook via YouGov in 2020 revealed that wine coolers were used more during lockdown and a proportion of respondents wished for one whilst the first round of national restrictions were in place! “This has also been reflected in sales for the

year which saw an increase of 8.7 per cent in 2020, with December being particularly strong.” Launched in H2 last year was a number of new

built-in cooling lines at Bertazzoni. These bottom- mount fridge freezers offer Italian style and modern technology. Available in 75 and 90cm widths, the products offer some of the largest internal capacities in the category; 473L and 596L respectively via 75/25 fridge/freezer splits. Featuring Bertazzoni’s FlexMode technology,

the bottom compartment can quickly and easily be switched between fridge, freezer and zero- degrees modes, for proper flexibility in large-capacity cooling. Hotpoint has also just launched a brand

new range of built-in fridge freezers. The new Total No Frost (HTC18 T532 UK) benefits from a 250 litre net capacity, which is equivalent to almost 14 shopping bags. The appliance also benefits from Hotpoint’s Food Care System – a combination of technologies that ensure ideal food preservation. Lastly, Indesit’s Ms Warner tells ERT that the

brand will soon be introducing a brand new built-in fridge freezer to its portfolio.

Greater margin opportunities The old adage “seeing is believing” couldn’t be truer when it comes to the in-store customer experience as it opens people’s minds to new opportunities and also brings to life new ways of living – it’s important to witness these ideas first-hand. Retailers are realising that offering the

complete kitchen builds profit and foot flow through the store. As GDHA’s Ms Liang explains, when a

consumer’s appliance breaks down, they have a number of options as to where to buy a new one, and this keeps the sector very competitive. “Historically, electrical appliance retailers

have only been addressing one element of the consumer decision journey – the replacement market,” she goes on. “By offering a full fitted- kitchen solution, retailers can also attract consumers looking to refurbish their entire kitchen. This offers greater margin opportunities and the potential for a full suite of appliances being purchased in one sale. “Indies are well-positioned here to offer a

more personal service with the added reassurance of local support pre- and post- purchase, promoting consumer loyalty. The introduction of fitted kitchens into retail stores also makes the consumer experience less functional while also brightening up display areas that traditionally displayed row upon row of appliances.”

Kimberley Garner, Brand Manager at

Hotpoint, agrees, saying that electrical retailers expanding their offering to include fitted kitchens “vastly increases” their consumer offering and their business opportunities. “Consumers are often looking for a complete

package when investing in new appliances or kitchen furniture and being able to get everything from one place is a real bonus.” She adds: “Displaying integrated appliances

in store, or via virtual augmented reality, within a kitchen setting can help customers easily visualise products in an environment that they can relate to.”

Bertazzoni fridge freezer

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