May 2021

through the Miele app for example, but this also gives us some unique opportunities to monitor the ongoing sustainability of our products to make sure they are at their peak performance. Interestingly, new energy regulations are

affecting the whole industry and it’s a positive challenge to face. Our aspiration is nothing but ‘A’ rated appliances and we are already working on initiatives to be even better than that. We have declared our vision to be the most

sustainable manufacturer in our category. And when you put that stick in the sand, there is no ambiguity there, you’ve got to deliver on it! There’s no point being second or third. There are a number of different strands to our thinking and you will hear more from Miele on this later this year.

Q: So you’re making some bold statements! How important is this topic to Miele? JP: It is incredibly important. For me the values of the business are the key reason I work for Miele and I’m building on what we do globally and reinforcing it locally. We are zero waste to landfill, we recycle all of our scrap and reuse machines, we’ve got solar panels on our buildings, and we’ve just started to introduce an electric fleet. This is something we call ‘Permission to

Operate’ at Miele – it’s not just words, it’s just the way we do business.

Q: Looking ahead, do you have any new products coming? JP: We do have a really exciting pipeline! Even in the year that we have had, we continue to focus on product development, so there are additions in the vacuum, laundry and refrigeration categories that will set the bar for performance standards in the industry. At the end of May we are launching a new

global campaign called ‘Quality Ahead of its Time’ to reinforce the three pillars of Miele – sustainability, craftsmanship and performance, so there are some really exciting things coming up!

One of Miele's cooking masterclasses in action

Q: After two-and-a-half years in your role, do you feel you have achieved your ambitions, and what is your vision for the future of Miele? JP: Personally, I don’t think I will ever achieve what I feel I want to achieve. When I first joined the company I thought I would prepare it for the next stage of growth and evolution, but what has happened in the past 12 months has set fire to the taper! Consumer buying patterns are changing –

the digital consumer is coming through, but we still see the need for physical contact for our products and for that the electrical retail trade will always be absolutely crucial. We all need to adapt and there will be some growing pains but collectively there are real opportunities to create long and enduring relationships for the future. Miele is a premium brand that aims to create

delightful experiences every day and everywhere. Part of my job is taking that legacy and exploring every opportunity for growth in

this incredible category. I am happy with our progress so far but I’m certain we can do much more going forward. My vision for this business is to help deliver its

true potential, and that can be measured by marketplace performance or by consumer satisfaction. Fundamentally, our ultimate measure has to be the service we provide. The people delivering that are my fantastic

employees. I am very lucky to have such incredible teams that have supported the company so well through the past 12 months, and prior to that as well. They need a shout- out and they need huge respect. Many of these people have been out mending machines for the critically vulnerable and the elderly, putting themselves at risk. We are all different but we all work hard together towards the same goals. I am thoroughly enjoying my time and looking

forward to the next few years. Hopefully they will not be the same as the last year!


The Generation 7000 range of ovens in Graphite Grey

The award-winning Triflex vacuum cleaner

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