Miele’s Experience Centre in Abingdon


Q: How important has it been for Miele to engage with its retail partners during these tricky times? JP: It’s been absolutely critical. The need for us to maintain dialogue and communication with the industry has never been more important. Many of our valued customers have changed their ways of working and we have supported them wherever we can. At Miele we do offer a premium product which

needs discussion, explanation and support, and the electrical retail trade is an essential part of this to protect the value of our brand and the quality of our proposition to consumers. Let’s not pretend it’s been an easy year for anyone.

I still remember the first day after the first lockdown was announced, we didn’t even know if we could open our warehouses the next morning to get stock out. But we have maintained communication with our customers. We haven’t lost any more than one day in business continuity during this crisis, which is something we are very proud of, and huge respect to all our teams for working through.

Q: Tell us about your new Experience Centre opening in Edinburgh. JP: The Experience Centre initiative is not something that is new to Miele. The clue is in

the name – it is an opportunity for our customers to really connect with our products and even bring their own customers to witness perhaps a bigger range than they could see elsewhere. For example, we’ll combine visits with a new

range of cooking masterclasses, where we can indulge our customers in a far more hands-on way. This is just one part of how we look to complement the total customer experience, not just the connection with the products. The new Centre in Edinburgh is on track to

open on 24 June 2021. The location in the new St James Quarter development is expected to see strong growth and significantly high footfall, which is why we are investing in that area. It’s not far from John Lewis and near several kitchen and electrical retailers, so it’s a really nice ecosystem. This represents a significant investment in the brand and a huge opportunity for growth.

Q: Sustainability is important to Miele, but do you feel you have achieved your ambitions so far and what are your plans going forward? JP: So we have already made sure our products are at the top end of their energy efficiency, but we have extended our view towards the overall

The top-of-the-range Miele WER865 WPS washing machine withTwinDos

lifecycle of the product. Miele appliances have always been designed and tested for their longevity and environmental impact, but now we are understanding more about how consumers use these products in everyday life, down to the detergents they put in, the number of wash cycles and the amount of water they use. The connected world that we live in now means consumers can track their own usage,

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