Dec/Jan 2020

Paul Hide joins AMDEA as new Chief Executive

Mr Hide is a regular contributor to AMDEA, the Association of

Manufacturers of Domestic Appliances, has appointed

Hide as its new Chief Executive. Mr Hide, who offi cially took up the

role at the beginning of December, joins from techUK where he was Director of Marketing & Membership and led the consumer electronics work streams. His experience also includes leading roles at Sharp and Sony AMDEA provides the voice of the UK appliance industry, representing over 60 leading brands of appliances, working alongside government, regulators, standards bodies, business and consumer advocates. AMDEA Chair, Teresa Arbuckle, commented: “Paul has great experience and a skill set which will be vital in advancing AMDEA’s aims and building on its current reputation. “Despite the current backdrop of political

signifi cant and regulatory

change, Paul will continue to work on programmes that demonstrate our industry’s commitment to consumer safety and improve trust in the appliance industry. He will lead AMDEA into a new era of growth as topics of sustainability and the circular economy become even more important to all of us.” There is more from Teresa Arbuckle in this month’s ERT interview, from page 14.


ERT magazine and he assumes the CEO mantle at AMDEA following the retirement last year of Douglas Herbison, who held the post for 13 years. Upon his new role being announced,

Mr Hide spoke exclusively with ERT, commenting that 2020 marks the 30th anniversary of his career within the consumer electronics industry, yet he felt it was time for a change.

“I’ve always sought out new challenges and experiences,” he said. “I went to techUK six years ago and I really enjoyed my time there, seeing to

industry issues on behalf of

members and helping to look them.

the after

“tech UK and AMDEA have always worked well together, and there are a lot of common members because of the manufacturers that produce both white and brown goods.

“I came into AMDEA with a brief to modernise the Association, but to also help the members meet the challenges of the market and refl ect the

professionalism and dynamism of the market as well. “We are a relatively small organisation

in the grand scheme of things so we need to form alliances and relationships to deliver the results our members expect, especially because the world is getting more complicated from a regulation and standards point of view. I’ve always believed that trade associations offer good value.” Mr Hide confi rmed he has got several goals while he takes on his new role, especially in relation to the UK’s withdrawal from the EU and the appliance energy relabelling scheme. “One of the roles of an association is to understand what’s going on and keep members informed so they can plan accordingly; they need a voice and trade associations remain an effective way of lobbying and representing the sector’s interests.” As a result of the development of more energy effi cient products, and because the difference between A++ and A+++ is less obvious to the consumer, EU

energy label categories will be gradually adjusted between now and 2021 to reintroduce the simpler A to G scale. Mr Hide continued: “This will be

a potentially very confusing time for consumers if products are not relabelled correctly. We will help retailers manage the change and the mix of old and new products. “We are an industry of constant change. It’s always been exciting and evolving, but more recently certainly challenging as well. The UK always been one of the best markets in Europe for appliances, but it’s also very competitive with such big volumes. The main struggle for everyone is not selling product necessarily, it’s doing it profi tably. “We’ve many challenges ahead. More than ever, a strong and effective trade association can be hugely valuable for members. Our objective is to rise to that challenge, ensuring that AMDEA remains relevant, credible and infl uential – delivering a strong value proposition that members can leverage to improve their overall business performance.”

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