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Dec/Jan 2020

Stars of the big screen

If you’re an electrical retailer currently selling TVs, soundbars and perhaps some audio visual solutions and considering the next steps, or are looking to move into this area, a great place to start is by investing in engaging demo spaces.

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By Stuart Tickle, Managing Direcor at AWE

amily spaces to enjoy amazing TV, movies and gaming experiences can be installed at a wide range of budgets. It is for this reason that we designed and installed four separate areas, including two living spaces and two dedicated cinema rooms at different price points, at AWE’s HQ in Epsom. At our recent AWE Expo, we invited electrical

retailers to experience our newly upgraded Show Apartment to demonstrate what can be achieved in a similar space. This included our Living Room area, which is a TV-based system using a single Marantz AVR and two Definitive Technology speakers with a pair of ceiling speakers. Using the Sony OLED as a centre speaker, it is a clean looking system with tremendous performance.

Our new Den is a cosy space utilising an Epson EH-TW9400 4K projector and a drop-down screen – the perfect solution for those who want a simple, cost effective, hidden system. Our Performance Cinema Room, which gives customers a dedicated home cinema system on a budget of around £15k to £20k, is designed to replicate a converted garage or spare room. Here, visitors can experience an IMAX Enhanced demonstration, thanks to a 4K Sony VPL-VW570 projector with a Euroscreen 113-inch acoustically transparent, fixed-frame screen, Marantz 11-channel AVR and Definitive Technology in-wall speakers. Control is from URC and lighting is from Philips Hue. At

same time, by offering multiple

demonstration spaces, we’re showcasing how our range of brands and their products can be used for a wide range of applications. Our Reference Cinema Room has recently been upgraded to offer the most immersive experience available at a more premium price point. It features a four-metre wide 2.35:1 screen from Euroscreen and Sony’s flagship VPL-VW5000 4K laser projector, as well as the brand’s VPL-VW760 more compact-size model. This larger space gives us the opportunity to show

what is possible for those with a higher budget, and an electrical retailer can show what is possible for their target customers by creating demonstration areas in their own store, and by utilising our own show facilities here in Epsom. By adapting to the market needs in this way means that the retailer can expand their business whilst building upon everything they already have in place, bringing in more custom and differentiating themselves from the internet and other competitors. One

recent example of an independent

electrical retailer who is not afraid to embrace new opportunities is Dacombes of Wimborne. In November, the retailer launched a smart home apartment and home cinema area within its store, which gives it a space to show customers exactly what they’re getting for their money. It also allows them to offer and sell a full home cinema package rather than individual products. [More on Dacombes of Wimborne on page 32.]

At AWE, we want to help retailers by providing the knowledge they need to put together these displays, as retailers must first understand t he benefits of the products they are selling, as well as how all of the technology can be integrated together. Aimed at both beginners and advanced retailers,

we provide product specific training alongside skills-based training, including courses such as our one-day Foundation Workshop, designed to give retailers a head start on integrating technology in the home. We also offer a one-day Designing an Immersive Audio Home Cinema course, developed to give retailers an understanding of how to create a home cinema, from a living room conversion to a fully dedicated cinema room. We can also travel to retailers that are investing in

our brands and provide training at their premises. We are also a Southern based training centre for CEDIA, with all our own staff teaching.

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