Dec/Jan 2020

Beko is heading into 2020 with a strong attitude that it’s going to be another record year. Managing Director, Teresa Arbuckle, tells Jack Cheeseman “the appliance industry is resilient” and with two recent ERT Awards under its belt, the company will be pushing ahead with further product innovations.


n March last year, Euromonitor named Beko the number one large home appliance brand in the UK, noting the manufacturer’s “fantastic sales performance” throughout 2018 as well. Not only this, but parent company Arçelik is now one of the top manufacturing groups in the UK, a position it has held since incorporating Beko’s sibling brands Blomberg, Leisure, Flavel and Grundig. Arçelik has also recently won accolades from the Dow Jones Sustainability Index, being named as the industry leader in the household durables category. Sitting down for this exclusive interview at Beko’s UK headquarters in

Watford, Managing Director UK and Ireland, Teresa Arbuckle, tells ERT, “we don’t just do technology for technology’s sake”. She says: “We have always believed in offering innovative products that

are really insightful and helpful for consumers. We do a lot of research and our teams actually go into peoples’ homes and observe their daily tasks, like laundry or using their fridge or their oven; this helps us design products that are the most helpful and appealing to consumers as possible.” Indeed, Beko’s stand at IFA last September was awash with exciting new technologies – a hint towards what UK consumers could expect to see in the coming year. But reflecting on 2019 as a whole, Ms Arbuckle points to some of the brand’s recent standout tech, including the AquaTech washing machine, which delivers up to 50 per cent faster wash cycles and uses the power of water to replace vigorous drum movements for faster yet gentler washes. “I’m really pleased about how well our AquaTech technology is doing,” she continues. “We launched it last year with a big TV campaign with the FC Barcelona team. That all went really well and our sales right now are higher than we ever expected. “And we’ll be rolling out our 8KG AquaTech washing machine by the Spring of this year, so stay tuned! We’ll have a new TV campaign with a lot of


creative ideas for the Easter period.” Ms Arbuckle says it is important for Beko to reinforce messages around why it’s important for consumers to get a new home appliance. “We want to continue to be the brand of choice! Our job as a major manufacturer is to help drive consumer demand to our retailers, particularly when things are so tough out there,” she says. “Yes Brexit is going to be difficult. Yes the market is going to be a bit all over the place. But we are committed to making sure our retailers stay buoyant through effective training, our core support network and of course our evolving product ideas and innovations.”

Q: So what else is new at Beko? Teresa Arbuckle: Well, we displayed a huge amount of new technology at IFA last year and we got a great response to our HarvestFresh refrigeration technology. Natural light is one of the best ways to keep fruit and veg fresher for longer, so that’s what we mimic with the technology we’re going to bring out. For me it’s what I call a ‘hero’ technology –

it’s all about enabling healthier living – we’ve got technologies in our fridge freezers that keep food fresh and preserve vitamin content. Which is

really important for many consumers nowadays. The average consumer throws away as much as £70 worth of food out of their fridge each week! Just think about all that stuff going into landfill. So that’s our core message with this technology and it was sort of a runaway hit at IFA! As well as this, there’s RapidDry. One of the big things people complain about with heat- pump dryers is that they take a long time to actually get clothes dry and they use so much energy. But RapidDry helps to accelerate the drying time.

Q: Early last year, Beko introduced a brand new SDA range. How’s that been going? TA: Very well! We recently launched the Beko Cosmopolis range which has a beautiful retro look, and that’s in stores now and getting a lot of attention. There are some great colours and finishes, really on trend, so we’ve got high hopes for this range and we’re going to be introducing more ranges in the future too. Even though we’re a big company, we’re not

arrogant and we didn’t want to come in saying we knew everything about the Small Domestic


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