Home Appliances PROFILE: SMEG

Smeg ahead of the game


With all the cookers, coffee machines and kettles adorning consumers’ kitchens these days, it’s important to stand out from the crowd. Something Smeg knows all about.


he iconic Italian kitchen appliance brand, Smeg, is well known for its eye-catching products and it doesn’t shy away from bold shapes and colours. Its range of appliances have become some of the most eye-catching on the market.

In order to find out what kitchen trends Smeg is watching for in 2020, ERT caught up with John Davies, Head Of Marketing at Smeg UK, Clare Edwards, National Training and Sales Support Manager, and Acting Head of Products, Laura Jones, to get the inside scoop.

hob and the light work in parallel and it can identify the difference between frying and boiling so it makes it very straightforward for the customer. Built-in hob extraction is also popular in small spaces as there’s no need for an actual extractor hood. Clare Edwards: As well as this, people worry about their pans boiling over, but there’s an aqua-proof motor – the actual mechanism underneath catches any excess liquid. We’re also really proud of the fact that this particular hood is A++ in energy and works just to 66 decibels on its maximum setting, so it’s quiet. JD: That is a real trend – people are looking for quieter appliances in their home, especially in an open-plan environment; it’s a big thing that transcends into things like dishwashing as well.

Q: What kinds of technology will be popular kitchen trends this year do you think? John Davies: We definitely see connected appliances as the future; even at the most basic level, we’ve got a connected oven hood where that, the

Q: How will your appliances remain on trend? Laura Jones: In March we’re launching a new range of ovens which has new displays.

At the moment we have our range of ovens called

the Vivo. Vivo means ‘alive’ in Italian. These have TFT display screens, but we’re

upgrading these to the Vivo Max with a much bigger screen, with colour displays and pictures, so all round much better usability. CE: There’s smart cooking on there as well with 100 automatic programmes and multi-step cooking. So, the customer’s got a lot more flexibility with how they use these programmes and hopefully allows them to get more out of the product. To ensure that independent retailers can best benefit from this, we’ve got a scrolling demo screen that has a looping video to explain all the key product benefits.

These new TFT displays are more graphical and

are really the next generation and we’re introducing more LCD screens further down the product range. LJ: There’s definitely a familiarity with the use of touch controls, for multiple generations and for those with limited dexterity it’s a much easier system. People are time poor these days as well, so to be able to save your key recipes into the oven is great, and the Vivo Max will also be connected to SmegConnect, which is our Wi-Fi controlled app.

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