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The Koziol brand stands for ‘design with a clear conscience’. Since 1927, the company has been designing, developing, constructing, manufacturing and shipping its products all under one roof in Germany. Koziol has now introduced the Organic Collection, which is made from natural wood cellulose and 100% recyclable without any traces of melamine, formaldehyde or BPA. The products, which promise to be ‘extremely long-lasting, robust and heat-resistant’, include bowls, colanders, cutting boards, cutlery sets, plates, water bottles and insulated cups.

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ECOLOGY Churchill

Churchill’s oldest - yet most famous - tableware collection is Blue Willow. The company says: ‘The origins of the Blue Willow pattern are obscured by the mists of time but the appeal of Blue Willow is greater than ever since the resurgence of nostalgia in design. Our traditional chinoiserie pattern is available on a full dinnerware range which is produced in Stoke-on-Trent.’

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Valerie Graham was recently appointed as the exclusive UK and Ireland distributor for the Australian lifestyle and homewares brand ECOLOGY, which launched its first collection in 2008. The guiding principles of the brand are to create ‘long-lasting, fashion-focused lifestyle products that are inherently versatile and highly functional’. Its distinctive look is earthy and organic with natural tones and fluid, hand-drawn designs. Ranges Include CANVAS white bone china, mottled porcelain, patterned stoneware, vases, vessels, mugs and wooden boards. Valerie Graham MD Michael Stein said: “I’ve been a true ECOLOGY fan for many years, admiring their design, simplicity, innovation and breadth of products. We are thrilled to bring such a renowned brand to the UK and Irish markets, and showcase their exceptional products and original design.”

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Richard Brendon

Following the success of founding collection, Reflect, Richard Brendon has launched teaware additions in time for Christmas: a teapot, sugar bowl, milk jug and coffee mug - all available in Gold or Platinum. Richard took inspiration for the new pieces from his first collection, that features a mirrored Gold or Platinum Teacup paired with an antique saucer. The gilded bone china teacups reflect the ornate patterning adorning the antique saucers. Espresso sets are also available.

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Pictured is Caviar, a porcelain collection from Maxwell & Williams which ‘lends itself to creating the most elegant, yet dramatic, on-trend table setting. The black texture adds a sophisticated backdrop for all types of food with the colours jumping off the plates and bowls beautifully.’ The collection features round and oval dinner, salad and side plates, along with high rim and coupe style plates and a selection of round and oval bowls. It also lends itself to mix and match for a softer look with Caviar Speckle: a collection in cream/charcoal. ‘Alternatively’, the brand says, ‘combine with a host of gold accessories such as charger plates and cutlery for an intensely sumptuous setting’.

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