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Zyliss Zyliss, one of the flagship brands in the DKB Household group alongside Cole & Mason, Ken Hom Woks and Jamie Oliver, has over 60 years of kitchenware design and manufacturing heritage. Consumers’ kitchen equipment needs have changed in recent years, and research carried out by DKB has found there is a huge demand for knives, slicers and cutters which focus on specific produce such as tomato or mango. The research also showed that there is an opportunity to create products which tap into food trends but are simple and time-saving impulse purchases. New products include the Ginger Peeler & Grater, 4 in 1 Avocado Tool, Greens & Herbs Stripping Tool and the Quick Slicer (pictured). Zyliss says: ‘The Quick Slicer slices the whole produce in one quick and simple easy-push action, providing uniform results (there is one slicing thickness). The serrated blades easily slice through all types of produce such as onion, tomato, kiwi, mushrooms and more. The blade cover also acts as a pusher, releasing food caught between the blades.’

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Distributor Whitby & Co says: ‘The kitchen knives in the Opinel Parallèle range have a natural beech wood handle that is robust, yet comfortable in the hand. Featuring a highly anti-corrosive X50CrMoV15 stainless steel blade, the profile of these knives is designed to optimise movement and ensures a perfect cut suitable for each food type.’

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Microplane says: ‘Made in the USA, the photo-etched, ultra-sharp Microplane blades, or teeth, of these Mills effortlessly grate without ripping or tearing. The Gourmet Chili Gift Set with Precise Pressure Engineered Tension Spring comes with a tin of Spicebar Birds Eye Chilies. The Gourmet Spice Set includes a Spice Mill and a sachet each of whole Spicebar Nutmeg and Long Pepper. Both mills are essential for passionate food lovers.’

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The Haden Chester stick blender can be used to blend or chop food directly in a bowl or saucepan. Including a 500ml measuring cup, this 600W hand blender is suitable for making smoothies, pesto sauce or soups. Haden says: ‘It is a real helping hand in the kitchen that offers a practical and powerful blending solution; all you have to do is to press the button. Designed in crisp white with steel accents, the hand blender has two speed settings and is ideal for an easy food preparation and everyday cooking.’

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24 | • • October/November 2019 Millo Appliances

Billed as the world’s smartest blender, MILLO is cordless, buttonless and portable. Battery-powered, it is comprised of a base of anodized aluminium and a portable cup in which the blades are housed. MILLO features a patented AirDrive motor that consists of a magnetic coupling that spins the blades housed in the cup, without having to actually be in contact with them. Millo Appliances claims ‘the brushless motor that drives the coupling is taken from drone technology - this is the first time these quiet motors have been used in a kitchen appliance. The AirDrive enables MILLO’s portability, and also means it is quieter than traditional blenders.’ MILLO is also fitted with a Bluetooth 4.0 connection and app which enables it to be controlled via smartphone and personalised to match individual blending patterns. MILLO’s founder Ruslanas Traškelis says: “MILLO is not only smart, it is purposeful. It is designed to help solve some of the biggest challenges we face today in leading a healthy lifestyle. MILLO represents a break from the technological principles and design ideas that have been the basis of blenders for over 100 years.”

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