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Pictured is MOVIN, described by Tramontina as ‘a new compact and stylish utensil set, displaying elements of multifunctionality and practicality’ across five utensils: skimmer, ladle, spaghetti server with integrated spaghetti measure, serving spoon with measurement indicator markings, and turner/spatula with serrated edge. Each item has a stainless steel handle, nylon head, hanging hole and resting lip which keeps the head off the countertop to avoid mess and spillage. The utensils all fit together so if they are not hung up, they will take up minimal drawer space. They are available in three colours of burgundy, blue and black, and come gift-boxed.

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The Twist n Roll Mini Chopper chops and mixes ingredients in seconds. It is described as versatile, suitable for use on garlic, onions, chillies, herbs and more. It has double-sided blades for faster chopping and a rubber grip base which rotates to activate the chopping. The user can twist by hand or roll across a work surface, so it is epecially suitable for those with mobility issues

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Microplane says: ‘The premium, exquisitely elegant Master Series Gift Set, which includes the iconic long and slender Zester and the Extra Coarse Paddle Grater, is ideal for consumers wanting culinary gifts this Christmas. Made in the USA, the ultra-sharp photo-etched blades behave like sharp knives to cut with precision but with minimal effort.’

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talking trade ‘We keep a close eye on cuisine trends’

Marcin Ziomek, general manager of the worldwide premium brand Microplane, discusses the culinary tool market

increase in grocery prices. Consumer feedback indicates that cooking remains high on their agenda. We keep a close eye on cuisine trends and deliver the culinary tools that our consumers need to replicate the dishes and the culinary garnishes they see on TV and in magazines. The high street has been a challenge this year, as it has for everyone, but by concentrating our efforts on specialist retailers and maintaining focus on the high- quality end of the market - as well as delivering an innovative range of premium, long-lasting professional tools - sales continue to perform well. Microplane is the worldwide premier brand for


exceptionally sharp culinary tools, offering quality and longevity. The high quality attributes of our brand

October/November 2019 •

he cost of going out to eat or ordering takeaways is rising at the fastest pace in more than four years, easily eclipsing the

are best represented by the Premium Classic, Gourmet and Master Grater Series. Retailers can be assured that anyone buying Microplane will not be disappointed. To cover the needs of both the proficient cook and passionate rookies, we encourage retailers to stock the core range of our graters, along with a few of the more specialist tools such as the new Professional Peeler, our award-winning Spice Mill and Box Grater. 2019 marks the 25th anniversary of our Premium Classic Zester and we’re using this platform to introduce new, exciting SKUs including the Professional Peeler and the Pizza Cutter, and extending some of our hero lines such as the Julienne Slicer in the Gourmet Series. As long as we continue to innovate and create intelligent tools that make cooking a ‘breeze’, the market will continue to develop. | 25

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