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Cooking Fantastic Cud Life, Ripon Road, Harrogate

Thanks to Tanya Umpleby

T&G Woodware Tip Top Mills from

£14.99 Great to demonstrate. They really do work and last!

CKS Euro Scrubby multi-purpose scrubber £2.99 We thought Scrubby was the best thing since sliced bread and were reluctant to try Scrubby Plus but everyone buys one as well!

KitchenCraft MasterClass cast aluminium frying pans £18.99- £38.99 A great product to demo and a great price

Robert Welch Designs Chef’s Knife from £38 These knifes rock! They make you chop like a pro

CKS Grab Mitt £8.99 Once people buy, we sell at least another four pairs for friends/family

Dexam Veg Bags £7.99 We’re all trying to be better for the environment and these bags are easy on your conscience!

NJ Products novelty loo rolls from £3.99 Coming up to Christmas, these fly off the shelves

KitchenCraft stainless steel 2-in-1 drinking straw/stirrer set of two £5.99 Much better for the environment than plastic straws

DPS TablewareWellie glasses from £2.99 As our shop is on a farm, we serve milkshakes in our coffee shop in these and they are really popular

Boxer Gifts Knob Grabbers £4.99 These help you grab saucepan knobs with ease

Eddingtons Poach Perfect silicone egg shell poacher £4.99 We love them: I use mine at least once a week

Silverwood Tray Bake £24.50 Most recipes people ask about use a 12x8 traybake

*Prices correct as of October 25 but many items on offer and subject to change Thanks to Martin de la Fuente

JWP LocknLock 7-piece food container set half price

£12.49 Customers are getting ready for a spot of winter batch cooking

Brita Maxtra+ water filter cartridges £16.50 Brita cartridges are always in our top ten

Duni white 2ply 33cm compostable paper napkins £3.49 Ocado customers over-index in environmentally-friendly products

Portmeirion Group Sophie Conran white dinner set £86.40 Customers just love Sophie, especially when on offer (40% off)

Addis 100% Microfibre Mop £4.49 (save 25%: usually £5.99) It's telescopic which makes it really convenient for storage

Brabantia foldable laundry basket £18 (save 25%: usually £22.50) You've got to put your socks somewhere!

LSA International Fir Tealight Holders 4 pack £20 Great value at twenty quid

DKB Household Cole & Mason Monaco 20cm salt & pepper mill gift set £14.99 (usually £29.99) A lifetime guarantee, plus half price

Rayware Ravenhead Mode Highballs 4 pack £5.99 (save 25%: usually £7.99) One of our many top sellers from the Rayware stable of brands

Deyongs Snuggle touch fleece throw in charcoal £10 (usually £20) It's oh so cold out there... but half-price warms customers up!

Oxo Softworks can opener £7.87 (save 25%: usually £10.50) 'Tis the season of soup

Tefal Stainless Steel 8 in 1 Multi Cooker 2.2L £36.74 (save 25%: usually £48.99) Great for stews and casseroles

20 years ago this month in Housewares Magazine…

• A single set of yellow Le Creuset cast iron pans sold for $24,000 at a Christie’s auction in New York of the personal effects of the late Hollywood star Marilyn Monroe.

• Unbranded teaspoons (£1 for six) , Zassenhaus ceramic mills, Stellar 1000 loose stock and Zassenhaus salt & pepper mills were the best-selling housewares products at Lawsons in Plymouth, Marchants Cookware Emporium in Bury St Edmunds, Menarys in Co Tyrone and Pinner Cookshop in Greater London respectively.

• Cutlery and silverware supplier Arthur Price launched its first ever TV campaign. The advert depicted an elegant dinner party which dissolved into chaos because of the lack of decent cutlery, ending with the tagline ‘England just wouldn’t be England without Arthur Price cutlery’.

• Horwood Homewares topped the top ten league of Housewares Magazine’s Best of Best Sellers 1999 survey,

followed by KitchenCraft, Dexam Housewares, I Grunwerg, Le Creuset, Meyer, Beam Distribution, AJ Boulton, Brabantia and TTC.

• Non-stick giant DuPont unveiled a global corporate advertising campaign with the aim of highlighting the company’s commitment to ‘helping serve humanity and drive sustainable growth’.

• Tablemat makers Kelsey Giftware and Lady Clare merged to form the Lady Clare Group.

• The BBC announced that the second TV series of Delia Smith’s ‘How To Cook’ was due to hit screens in January 2000, with the accompanying book published by BBC Worldwide in December 1999.

Source: Housewares Magazine November/December 1999

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