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A new era of opportunities

Marketing consultant and co-founder of The Gourmet Collective Lindsey Hoyle discusses the key role played by marketing in the housewares industry

Packaging is becoming the conduit for an

experience through the presentation of interactive digital content to a consumer via their smartphone or tablet. This form of augmented reality enhances the delivery of information in a way that has proved to be effective in a consumer’s ability to recall information and learn from the experience, which drives purchasing decisions.


or me, sales is marketing, and marketing is sales. The two are inextricably linked and should be designed to achieve the

same base result: turnover (at a profit). In the current trading climate, that statement is truer today than it’s ever been. With consumer demand for experiential

marketing increasing, it’s giving rise to B2B (business-to-business) customers demanding similar treatment. So B2B and B2C (business-to- consumer) marketing techniques are merging. As a result, B2B marketing activities are becoming much more interesting and exciting. It also makes B2C marketing more complex because how you market yourselves to Generation Z (the demographic cohort following the Millennials) is so different to an older generation. If today’s marketing playground is social media,

then tomorrow’s is definitely mixed reality. This coming together of augmented reality and virtual reality combines data and graphics overlaying what you actually see in front of you. In the housewares industry, this could be

translated into how a particular table setting looks like in your home, allowing a consumer to mix and match configurations in-store or at home until they settle on what they want, costing all options as they go. There are already variations on this theme in the market and the functionality will continue to improve and evolve. Similarly, product packaging is playing a big part in the virtual world, having already moved on from QR (quick response) codes: a type of 2D bar code used to provide easy access to information through a smartphone.

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The Gourmet Collective I distinctly remember the day The Gourmet Collective was born. It was in early February and I was speaking with Rachel Green, who is a highly acclaimed and experienced chef. She was running a few ideas past me regarding a collaboration with media expert Jacqui Doughty. After throwing some ideas back and forth, Rachel simply stopped and said: “I honestly think we have something between the three of us here.” And that was it: the lightbulb moment, as they call it. We have all been friends and worked with each other for years but until then, it never occurred to us to officially join forces. Independently, all three of us successfully run our

own businesses. I run a marketing and PR company, Jacqui has her own film production company and Rachel runs her own catering and food consultancy business. The Gourmet Collective serves as a conduit to

access all three resources under one roof in any combination, making life much easier for clients because it’s not only one invoice point, but also one communication point.

“ If today’s marketing playground

is social media, then tomorrow’s is definitely

mixed reality ” Between us, we organise and co-ordinate all

activities behind the scenes, taking the burden of responsibility for liaising between multiple vendors from the client. Jobs may be as simple as a recipe card and accompanying online video which needs Rachel to develop the recipe and style it for photography, Jacqui to shoot it and me to run up the artwork.

The Gourmet Collective team: (l-r) Jacqui Doughty, Lindsey Hoyle, Rachel Green • • October/November 2018

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