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Paul Spencer, managing director of barware and drinking accessories specialist supplier Jeray’s, proposes a toast to the home bar - and shares trends and tips for retailers on refreshing their offers for 2019


espite the travails of the High Street and concerns about next year, it seems that people continue to enjoy drinking and

giving giſts - so our sales on home bar are up once again.

On the one hand, we have our frivolous products

like the Donald Trump bust bottle stopper and Wino Sipper Glasses (you fill the large glasses with your favourite vintage and sup through the pipe to enjoy a more pure and bigger hit of your wine). On the other hand, there’s our top selling classic Globe decanter: a hand-blown borosilicate globe that holds a full bottle of your favourite tipple which, when not in use, can be turned gently on its axis as it balances in a glass cradle - and matching glasses. Vintage or retro is still on trend with a 21st century

twist, and a lot of giftware packaging reflects this. For example, our new Bar Bespoke range with tongue-in-cheek humour stands out on the shelf and brings a smile to customers. Attractive packaging is still important to tell your

story - whether on shelf or to enthuse the recipient of a gift by mail order. And professional lifestyle imagery and videos are key to catching the eye for

online sales and catalogues. I see stores using more space for lifestyle

presentation to entice and inform their customers - and capture that sale, hopefully. Craft beer and Prosecco have reached their peak

now and have been overdone like the ‘Keep Calm…’ series. But gin is definitely continuing in popularity. There are some great sets around, while we have a different slant with our novelty Tipsy Gin Glasses

“ Craſt beer and Prosecco have reached their peak but gin is continuing in popularity ”

(their wonky stems give the appearance that they are about to take a tumble but they are, in fact, perfectly balanced). Natural materials are on an upward trend too, which is why we are bringing out coolers and buckets made of marble, cork and wood, alongside bamboo handle brushes. In terms of colour, glitter is a passing fad but lustre glassware is strong and copper remains on trend,


Part of the VINimal collection, this wooden dachshund will guard your favourite bottle while on display. The hand-crafted plywood segments fit together, allowing you to rest most types of bottles into the frame to form the dog's body.

u01494 766566

Waterford Crystal

The-new Irish Dogs Barware Collection is inspired by the loyal companion and Ireland’s passion for dogs. The range focuses on the nation’s most popular native breeds, including the Irish Wolfhound, Kerry Beagle and Irish Terrier, and includes statement decanters, matching ice buckets, martini mixer glasses complete with stirrer and strainer (pictured) and sets of tumblers and hi-balls.

u01782 282650

26 | •

with other ‘old metals’ coming through like antique brass, pewter or tarnished silver. We’ve carried the colour theme through to our

exclusive metal straws which are a best seller this autumn and also address the issue of disposable plastic straws. As for the Next Big Thing? Ask us to find out - we have over 65 years of drinking experience!

• Established in 1952, Jeray's is a leading specialist supplier of professional quality home bar and drinking accessories. With offices in the UK and Far East, Jeray Sales (home market) and Original Products (Marylebone) (export market) is an established family business that supplies both independents and major retail groups.

Tipsy Gin Glasses

Wino Sipper Glasses


Jeray’s says: ‘Sip in style while saving the planet!’ These exclusive multicoloured metal straws are reusable indefinitely and come with a cleaning brush. Colours include on trend copper, brass and gold, all packed in a retro style gift box.

u01494 766566

Waterford Crystal

The brand new Gin Journeys collection features six different crystal patterns and includes two new shapes designed for the ultimate enjoyment of the spirit: balloon (pictured) and hi-ball glasses. The items are rounded with a short stem, crafted in crystal with deep vertical and horizontal cuts, and presented in a black box.

u01782 282650 October/November 2018

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