best sellers Louis Potts

43 Cliffe High Street, Lewes, East Sussex Thanks to Ella Clarke

Elite Tins Sara Miller tinware from £2.99 Literally flying off our shelves. Vibrant coloured tins which make great gifts

Ecoffee Cup reusable coffee cups from £6.99 100% sustainable bamboo and dishwasher-safe

Kilner range of preserving equipment from £1.50 The king of home preserving clip top jars

Dexam London Pottery Farmhouse Filter teapots from £12.99 Vast array of colours and sizes. Men love the techy stainless steel filters

Churchill Couture Crush mugs £6.50 each 500ml mugs with amazing array of different animals on them

Portmeirion Sophie Conran Colour Pop tableware from £8 11 years on and sales are still growing

Rosenthal Thomas Loft tableware eg 16-piece set £125 A modern design classic

ICTC La Rochere Bees glassware from £3.95 Beautiful pressed glassware with delicate bee motifs

Creative Tops BUILT hydration bottles £13.99 each Sold so well over summer and make the perfect present. Much better value than any other bottle on the market at the moment

Lesser & Pavey butter dishes £9.99 each Great price point and great choice

My Gifts Trade Sara Miller textiles eg tea towel £12.99 Great designs and beautiful packaging

Spode Blue Italian collection from £5 Still the top seller on our website: so popular in Sweden and Germany

Borders Cookware 7 Bridge Street, Kelso, Borders

Thanks to Tina Newton

Charles Viancin silicone Lilypad and Poppy lids eg 9in

Poppy £12.50 Since their launch three years ago, these continue to be best sellers

Chilly’s Bottles eg Floral Daisy 500ml £25 As people are becoming more environmentally aware of plastic misuse, these bottles are proving very popular

ICTC Emma Bridgewater textiles eg Game Birds apron £24 A beautiful addition to any kitchen

Kitchen Craft Classic Collection range eg storage jars £14.95 each Very popular and a great price. With these, you can easily and quickly transform the look of your kitchen

Kitchen Craft apple peeler and corer £15.95 With all the summer sunshine, there’s been a bumper crop and customers are making the most of the fruit by making jams and preserves. This is the essential item for this year

Sophie Allport Night Owl tea towel £8 This season’s must-have for drying the dishes

Dexam Chef’n Garlic Zoom £13.95 A safe and fun way to prepare garlic. Excellent for getting children involved with cooking: pop the garlic in and hand over to your young helper to chop

Emma Bridgewater Tomatoes pasta bowl £22.95 All the rage. Whether for pasta, salads or storing tomatoes, they add a touch of class

Le Creuset Rainbow egg cups boxed set of six £45 Bring brightness to your breakfast, lunch or light supper

Joseph Joseph Axis folding silicone pot stand £8 Folds away for ease of storage

CKS Zeal spatula spoons from £8.50 A versatile kitchen essential which can be used both as a spoon and a spatula

IHR napkins from £3.25 With styles to suit all tastes, these are always a good add-on purchase

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