Storageware T&G Woodware

The City collection features an on trend geometric and sophisticated design and is made from earthenware, with tight-fitting rubber seal lids. Suitable for storing a variety of dry foods and displaying on the kitchen worktop, the collection includes store jars, a utensil jar, butter dish, spoon rest, salt & pepper shakers, three dip dishes and egg cups.

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Seal Tight is a food storage solution for dry and fresh food which is made in the UK by Addis alongside its sink side products, food preparation items, bins and larger storage boxes.

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Made from sustainable natural bamboo fibre, these Bamboo Eco Lunch Boxes are a BPA-free alternative to traditional plastic lunchboxes and single-use bags, available in a range of fun prints and designs. Cambridge says: ‘Save the environment, save time and save money - take your lunch with you and reuse over and over again.’

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Made from borosilicate glass, the Kilner Fresh Storage range is freezer-, oven-* and microwave-*safe (*bases only). This stackable food storage collection is described as ‘a sustainable alternative to plastic that can be used throughout the cooking process, from conception to consumption and perfect for batch cooking’.

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October/November 2018 • Pyrex

Pyrex Cook & Heat storage containers feature airtight lids with two steam valves for reheating. The borosilicate glass dishes can be used in the oven up to 300deg C, and feature handles for easy transportation. Cook & Heat comes in a mix of rectangular, round and square shapes and has a 10-year guarantee.

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Stow Green

The Stow Green collection of rattan log baskets is described as ‘the perfect accompaniment to your fireside this winter. The rattan baskets look great and at the same time provide a practical way to carry or store wood for the fire or log burner. These baskets are hardwearing, durable and available in a versatile range of sizes’.

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Meyer Group has teamed up with social media superstar and best-selling cookbook author Joe Wicks to launch a new kitchenware collection inspired by healthy eating. The Joe Wicks range includes storageware, along with cookware, food prep and hydration products. Pictured are the brightly coloured Joe Wicks storage containers. Designed for various uses, all are airtight for freshness and available in a mixture of sizes.

u0151 482 8000 JWP

Salvaged from 100% food grade waste plastic, Eco From Lock & Lock has the same features as JWP’s established Lock & Lock storageware: it’s airtight, watertight and microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe, with four-sided lockable lids. The only real difference is the colour. No two containers are exactly the same, giving each a unique identity of its own. JWP says: ‘It is hoped that the creation of this range will prevent thousands of tonnes of plastic polluting the environment in future and help put an end to single-use plastics.’ All products come with 100% recycled paper packaging.

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