Thirty-five years and still going strong: happy birthday ‘Housewares Magazine’! While I can’t claim to have been there at the beginning, I was on the editorial staff when we celebrated the magazine’s 10th birthday. We produced a special supplement with, I seem to remember, a lot of red plastic housewares, kettles and ‘co-ordination’ (Eternal Beau anyone?). There was also an image of Hollywood movie star Cary Grant visiting a bathroom products supplier - I think it was Croydex. The actor was pictured with a toilet brush. I’m sure I’m not making this up, and it would be great to see it again if anyone’s got a copy! That was in an age before celebrities were developing their own housewares ranges... I would also like to congratulate the current ‘Housewares

Magazine’ team on the new size and look of the September/October publication. In an age when everything is going digital, it’s great to see effort and investment put into print. So, here’s to the next 35 years, and a challenge for you -

featuring a movie star with a piece of housewares that rivals Cary Grant and his toilet brush!

Sarah Selzer Managing Director PR Direct Chester, Cheshire

Horwood is flying the flag

Following the special report in the September/October issue of ‘Housewares Magazine’ entitled ‘Flying the flag: made in Britain’, we thought we’d take the opportunity to respond as it is timely. Horwood is launching its first UK manufactured range for many years so, likewise, we will be flying

the ‘made in Britain’ flag with pride - on our new Judge Ovenware range. In fact, it’s a little ironic as the factory chosen by us to manufacture the range is only minutes away

from the original Judge factory that sadly closed back in 1930s. It’s hugely beneficial to be able to fly the ‘made in Britain’ flag; an attribute that we are sure will appeal to our end consumers. We continually review our suppliers and the UK manufacturer we’ve chosen has enabled us to

reduce lead times from four months to four days, offering greater flexibility. We have greater control on quality, stock level management has improved - and this will lead to improved stockholding and customer service levels.

James Robinson Marketing Manager Horwood Bristol, Avon

The first ever issue of ‘Housewares Magazine’


Happy birthday to Housewares Magazine Join the recycling club

The world hasn’t got an endless supply of resources; I think we can all agree on that. So it’s in everyone’s interest that every company carries out environmental accounting as an ongoing operation. What More UK are not only market and brand leaders in plastic housewares, storage and garden products - and trying very hard to replicate that hard- earned position in our bakeware/cookware division - we are also industry leaders in recycling. Not only do we recycle every piece of our own

industrially generated plastic waste, we buy other companies’ plastic waste and use it in appropriate products: dustbins, black buckets and our newly created Recycled range of storage products. Our other new range of storage products, Upcycled, gives consumer plastic waste a second useful life. What More UK are fighting a war against some elements of the media that insist on highlighting plastic as ‘drastic’. They continually highlight the cause but seem to sideline, as not newsworthy, UK industry efforts to try and solve the problems. You would expect me to say ‘What More Plastic is Fantastic’ firstly because I work for them and secondly, because it is. UK retailers, of course, have a part to play in this.

They need to stock and push these products - and they do. They are the most important cog in this war. They are at the frontline, because there obviously has to be an outlet for these products. For many years, we have been well aware of our

responsibilities to the environment, along with our social responsibilities: they go hand in hand. ‘Encouraged’ by our boss is not the right term. ‘Ordered’ is closer to the mark. We invite schools, colleges, politicians and other interested parties to our factory. They learn about the process, see our operation and go away impressed that a UK manufacturer has a world class state-of-the-art manufacturing facility. They also go away with a promise to join the

recycling club. It’s a club that requires no membership fees or meetings: just an awareness of your environmental responsibilities and a desire to correct the wrong practices of the past. Feel free to join.

Tony Grimshaw OBE Director

What More UK Burnley, Lancashire

Judge’s new Ovenware range is made in the UK from carbon steel and sealed with an easy-clean enamel coating

What More UK’s Upcycled range is made from recycled household plastic waste

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