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From humble roots, Sabichi Homewares’ portfolio of product categories has grown steadily over the years to include tabletop ranges, kitchen collections and small electricals, says director Sachin Bagga

Haden had been waiting in the wings for a number of years. However, with a total rebrand and fresh product ranges, Sabichi Homewares has breathed new life into the heritage brand with new kettle, toaster and kitchen appliances ranges.

Where are you based? Our team of 55 is split between our head office in west London, distribution centre at Worksop in Nottinghamshire and sourcing office in Hong Kong.

Tell us about your company. It all started when my father Sam Bagga, the founder of Sabichi Homewares, began his entrepreneurial career in the 1980s with a manufacturing business that made leather tool belts and pouches under the Everest brand. During the early 1990s, Sam was approached by traditional hardware stores to assist in sourcing and building a range for new GM (General Merchandise) divisions, specifically bathroom products. With the launch of our independent business in

the late 1990s, we began producing homewares products under our in-house and home-grown brand Sabichi, named after Sam’s children Sabrina and Sachin. From humble roots with bathroom products, the

portfolio of product categories has grown steadily over the years to include tabletop ranges, kitchen collections and small domestic appliances. In 2016, Sabichi Homewares acquired British small

electricals brand Haden from Russell Hobbs. Haden - as a business and a brand - has a rich history. It was originally a bicycle-making factory in the late 1880s and in 1958 started to manufacture electric kettles under the Haden brand. Known for its iconic kettles, great design and

innovation, Haden was one of the first volume producers of the cordless kettle and one of the first companies to introduce colour and surface design into domestic appliances.

Haden is collaborating with celebrity chef Lorraine Pascale on a range of small domestic appliances

What sets your company apart from the rest? We have a strong home-grown brand with Sabichi. Haden is a heritage brand which is unique in its own right: with a lengthy history in manufacturing, the product ranges in Haden reflect that expertise. We have strong company brand values which enable us to give the very best in customer service to our loyal customer base. As a privately-owned company, we are nimble and able to bring products to market very quickly.

Who are your customers? We work with both independent and multiple retail partners across the UK, Ireland and the US - and we export to over 30 countries worldwide.

Haden is introducing the Jersey retro range, comprising a kettle and two-slice toaster in three colours of putty, red and marmalade

October/November 2018

How do you market your products? We use different media and communication platforms. For the trade, we exhibit at a number of key events including Exclusively Housewares in London and the International Home + Housewares

What products do you distribute? We design, develop and distribute products under our two key brands. For Sabichi, the categories are tabletop, kitchen, bathroom, laundry and small domestic appliances. Haden was relaunched in the key heritage

categories of kettles and toasters. Being more successful than anticipated, the ranges were extended to include major domestic appliances and kitchen appliances.

Haden’s new Perth Goldstone cookware range ‘offers a superior non-stick performance, needing very little or no oil when cooking’

Show (IHHS) in Chicago, as well as working closelywith key publications such as ‘Housewares Magazine’. We have a social presence for both brands across Instagram and Facebook.

What’s on your agenda? We are super-excited about our upcoming collaboration with Lorraine Pascale, a former supermodel, professional chef and voice for nutrition and wellness. We have collaborated with her on a range of

cooking products which help our consumers to maintain a healthier lifestyle as well as be creative in the kitchen. We really admire her amazing social voice and efforts to spread the word on nutrition and wellness. With the success of the Haden small domestic appliances launch, Q4 of 2018 sees the arrival of our amazing Haden kitchen range. A newly developed Goldstone coating features on sturdy forged aluminium cookware, as well as sleek countertop products - all in the famous Haden Perth Slate colour. We look forward to meeting our trade customers at IHHS and Exclusively Housewares in 2019.

How does the trade contact you? We can be contacted at:

Sabichi Homewares Tel: 01909 544 570 Email: Website: Instagram: @sabichiltd Facebook: sabichiltd

Haden Tel: 01909 544 570 Email: Website: Instagram: @hadenuk Facebook: hadenappliances | 17

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