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Mondi acquires two paper bag lines and signs exclusive supplier agreements with cement producers in Egypt

Mondi Paper Bags, part of Mondi Group, a leading global packaging and paper manufacturer, has acquired two paper bag lines from Helwan Cement Company and InterCement Sacs, two major cement producers in Egypt. The acquired production lines will increase Mondi’s capacity by approximately 60-80 million bags annually and strengthen Mondi's position in the Middle Eastern bag market, particularly in supporting suppliers to the construction industry. Mondi Paper Bags, a global producer that operates two plants in Egypt, will also become

the exclusive supplier of paper bags to Helwan Cement Company and InterCement Sacs. “We are excited to have signed long-term supply agreements with two of our biggest

customers in Egypt further securing our position in the Middle Eastern market. These collaborations will offer Helwan and InterCement access to our latest innovations, industry expertise and our strong plant network and customer service in the Middle East.

Thanks to Mondi’s vertical integration, our partners will further benefit from our high quality kraft paper,” said Claudio Fedalto, chief operating officer of Mondi Paper Bags.

“Building sustainable partnerships is InterCement’s tagline, and it is exactly what this deal represents. It is a long and fruitful partnership, in which we will

focus on our cement production, while Mondi is supplying us with high quality bags and comprehensive customer service,” said Paulo Dall’Aqua, legal and administration director, Amreyah Cement. “We are delighted to continue our relationship with a reputable and reliable global paper bags supplier like Mondi, while we can focus on our core operations, the production of grey cement and ready-mix,” said Jose Maria Magrina, managing director, Suez Cement Group.

Remote acceptance

Euromac has introduced new tools for remote customer testing. As a rule, Euromac's practice is to carry out acceptance testing at its own factory with the use of the customer's material and with the presence of the customer's technicians or their representatives. In this way it becomes possible for the customer

to report any changes to be made or options to be added, and to check the correct functionality of the slitter rewinder. At the same time Euromac can best modulate its technology with that of the customer and interact on the process of the materials to be cut, discussing the formats and quality. For reasons relating to the pandemic and the difficulty in traveling,

various digital systems and media had to be activated to allow remote acceptance testing. Through the use of special software integrated in the Windows platform, and with the use of webcams, the virtual presence of the customer during the testing phase was made possible. In this way the customer was able to interact with Euromac, without attending and in complete safety, in order to carry out the testing procedure. The method is practically the same: the customer sends the mother rolls to be cut and a processing protocol, but during the testing phase everything is performed remotely in complete synergy. The result, in addition to the evident saving of travel expenses, is to work in

complete safety, guaranteeing however the acceptance of the machine. Given the success of this initiative, it cannot be ruled out that the same protocol can also be adopted on other special occasions, after the pandemic is over.

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Fathers Finishers opt for C&T chains and gripper bars for their Bobst 102se

C & T Matrix has long been associated with quality creasing matrix across the globe. Over the past five years it has expanded its product range to fit evolving customer needs. Working with their partner,

Conway Machines Inc, a producer

of premium quality gripper bars, chains, and sprockets, C&T now offer a full range of products suitable for die cutting machines including Bobst, Iberica, Brausse and many more. Simon Shenton, managing director at C&T Matrix said, “We realise that

customers have very few options to source certain products and invariably have to endure long lead times and high prices. One of the advantages of C&T’s global reach is that we have access to international supply chains and can easily source speciality products from a variety of markets - gripper bars and chains have been one such product group.” C&T has already fitted many sets of chains and grippers into the UK market with a wide variety of blue-chip folding carton, finishers, and corrugated convertors, and they are now extending this product range to the rest of Europe. C&T offers gripper bars and chains on a next day delivery basis within the UK. This helps customers overcome the worst-case scenarios such as a gripper smash and assists the needs of planned maintenance. “We know how important it is to keep our customers’ die cutting assets performing to the very highest levels,” said Simon.

 ACCU DYNE TEST ™Marker Pens

• Fast, accurate on-line measurement of surface wetting and treat level by printers, coaters, laminators, and metallizers

• 22 Standard levels, from 30 through 72 dynes/cm

• Formulated from 100% reagent grade constituents, per ISO 8296 Made in the U.S.A. " $!  ! % 

$  ., Lichfield, Staffordshire, UK, (44) 1543 411460; (private labeled)  , Kolding, Denmark, (45) 76 300-333; (private labeled) !#, Almere, Nederland, (31) 36 260 00 16;

!"%, Brzoza, Poland, (48) 52 3201818; " , Claremont, NH 03743 U.S.A.

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