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Hello and welcome to the July/ August issue of Converter magazine, which this month brings you in- depth features detailing the latest and greatest technology emerging from the coalface of the industry. Despite the huge restrictions and challenges that

the coronavirus pandemic has forced upon us all, the converting marketplace continues to thrive and adapt, and many new products have been launched, including those aiding the frontline healthcare and medical industries. New technology is being trialled, smarter ways of working have been established and all companies are looking at how to work under the ‘new normal’ guidelines forced upon us by the virus. This month we look specifically at Adhesive Applications, and how

automation and new technology could aid in sustainability goals, as well as identifying how coronavirus has specifically impacted the labelling industry. I hope you find this issue informative, intelligently curated and

inordinately useful. Stay safe,

Niamh Marriott Editor

DS Smith and Aquapak target hard to recycle plastic packaging


DS Smith, a sustainable packaging company, and Aquapak, a developer of biodegradable polymer, are teaming up to develop the next generation of packaging solutions. By working together, the two organisations can provide sustainable fibre based packaging solutions that will replace hard to recycle packaging made from combined materials such as cardboard and plastic. After a period of pilot trials with the combined materials, focusing on both

performance and recyclability, the partnership will now begin developing practical applications. This includes a range of fibre-based packaging where traditional plastic films can be replaced with Aquapak’s HydropolTM, a biodegradable and water-soluble polymer that will help to improve the recycling process. DS Smith’s exclusive partnership with Aquapak will support the company’s

long-term sustainability targets which include manufacturing 100 per cent reusable or recyclable packaging by 2025. With a focus on tackling hard to recycle items, the adoption of this biodegradable technology will allow for less contamination in the recycling and paper-making process. Nick Thompson, materials development director for DS Smith commented:

“We are proud to be partnering with Aquapak in developing a fully recyclable packaging alternative to non-recyclable plastics. Aquapak’s technological advances in novel barrier chemistries combined with our broad range of packaging applications can help us work together to solve many of the most pressing packaging recyclability issues. The impact will be immediate, and our aims are aligned in bringing a much greater circularity to recyclable packaging products.” Mark Lapping, CEO, Aquapak Polymers said: “It is exciting to see opportunities

for our innovative polymer coming to fruition through our partnership with DS Smith. Both organisations are committed to eliminating plastic-pollution at the source and by working together, we can help speed up the roll out of recyclable, biodegradable packaging that is designed for the circular economy as well as being safe for land and sea.” The partnership promises to transform the sustainable packaging market with

potential scope across a variety of industries. Working closely with customers, this brings an opportunity to reduce single-use plastic pollution and support successful recycling for both consumers and recyclers.

Dantex Digital, part of the Dantex Group, has recently announced the launch of PicoJet 254, a 10” (254mm) print width UV Digital Label Press. Offered as a 5-colour reel-to-reel UV system, the innovative PicoJet 254 can operates at a variety of speeds up to 75 meters per minute. The press is built for high volume printing capability offering production in excess of 8 million linear meters per year. Thanks to the 2.5 picolitre droplet size and an effective resolution at 1200 x 1200 dpi, PicoJet 254 offers superior print quality. As a result of the fine resolution of this press, PicoJet is capable of printing micro text and the smallest of text point size. The software can also restrict the outline of the text, thereby enabling perfect readability even on the smallest of details. The print system incorporates ‘Web Stream Technology’ - an automatic

web reverse function minimizing waste between jobs. An extremely useful additional feature of this press is the ‘Automatic Splice Recognition’ – allowing the print-heads to move out of the way of the splice during reel changes.

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Dantex Digital announces latest addition to their PicoJet range

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