Converting Case Study Moo-ving into the future

How switching from a packaging supplier to a packaging partner is helping a manufacturer and packer of dairy products to adapt and grow its business


hen a Welsh dairy manufacturer and packer began to expand its business to meet the demand from

supermarkets for its products, its existing packaging supplier was unable to provide the level of service needed. In addition to stock availability and supply

issues, the supplier was also failing to provide any proactive support or guidance. As a consequence, the client began to experience difficulties managing its quality control, packing and distribution preparation processes. Antalis Packaging opened up

communication with the client demonstrating how they were able to resolve not only the immediate challenges, but also how they would support the client’s continued growth and expansion.

THE ANTALIS SOLUTION Antalis Packaging took the time to understand the client’s business – its peaks and troughs, its operational and logistical challenges, and its plans for the future. In addition to the resolution of its most

pressing challenges, the client is able to benefit from Antalis’s understanding of the latest in packaging materials, technology and systems so it can respond with agility to customer and market demands. For the three issues giving the client the

greatest cause for concern, Antalis was able to offer immediate solutions:

QUALITY CONTROL The existing process of quality checking stock had failed to keep pace with growth resulting in confusion over whether or not pallets had

28 July/ August 2020

been checked. To facilitate easy identification of pallets of stock as they passed through the various stages of the quality control process, Antalis recommended its range of tapes designed specifically for the purpose. Available from stock, the tapes are printed with, for example, QC Hold or QC Approval, providing a simple, effective and low cost solution.

PALLET SECURITY The stretch film used to wrap the pallets was resulting in inconsistent load security. To resolve the issue, Antalis recommended the client switch from the 11 micron film wrap they had been using to a 17 micron wrap. Although more expensive to buy upfront, the thicker film is easier to use and more effective.

MANAGING STOCK LEVELS FOR PEAK Holding sufficient packaging stock presented a particular challenge, especially during peak when demand for the company’s seasonal dairy products is highest. By taking advantage of Antalis’s stockholding service,

the client is able to call off stock as needed for next day delivery.

BENEFITS OF A PACKAGING PARTNER Alongside an extensive product range, Antalis can help to bring ‘peace of mind’ through its value added services such as consultancy and advice, stock holding, online ordering, tailor-made solutions and continuing key account management. Bill Nelson, Antalis key account manager for

the client comments: “As a business, we're about so much more than a catalogue of products. By taking the time to understand the client's needs and concerns, we were able to establish the foundations of what has become a really strong working relationship. In addition to providing simple, low-cost solutions to their most pressing issues, we are also able to offer the flexibility in product supply and support the client needs as they focus on managing their growing business.”

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