Slitting & Rewinding Customising automation for greater control

Calemard’s range includes either slitter- rewinders to produce standard bobbins/pancakes or spooling lines. All slitter- rewinders could be fitted with individual friction shafts to compensate the thickness variations on foils/adhesive tapes/laminates or standard pneumatic shafts, lay-on arms with adjustable pressure, cantilevered shafts for easy unloading. On the other hand, the Spooling lines range - the widest range in the world - inludes different spooling technologies depending on customer’s need: digital self-traversing spooling lines for sensitive products and fixed spooling technology for stable products.

quality converting equipment for various industries. Thanks to the process expertise of its technical teams and its modular concept, each converting equipment engineered and manufactured by Calemard, can be customised and adapted to each production need and frequent changeovers. Moreover, to meet the needs of high productivity, operator’s safety and line flexibility, the Spoolex integrated R&D department has developed several automated solutions around its know-how to provide complete cell from mother handling to final product packing.


UNWINDING, SLITTING, WINDING Calemard’s slitter-rewinders and spooling lines are engineered to respond to four main targets: modularity, flexibility, versatility and quality. Based on three modules (unwinding, slitting, winding) Calemard’s equipment are compact, ergonomic and multi-purposes. Indeed, they can convert thick (such as gum for tire), lofty (such as nonwovens for hygiene, foam) or thin materials (such as PTFE film and other plastic films). Calemard machine can slit into small or Jumbo pads / spools of wide or narrow strips (down to 2 mm). The French company equipment are able to handle usual slitting device such as mechanical cutter or Calemard’s proprietary device for hot or ultrasonic cut. Thanks to this expertise in slitting technologies and some unmatch knowhow, Calemard machines will reach a perfect slitting quality whatever the type of product and the application. Each machine is equipped with sensitive web tension control and guiding

38 July/ August 2020

ince 1955, Calemard, the machinery division of Spoolex has been engineering and manufacturing

systems to manage, depending on product to be converted, high, low and even extremely low tension on the same machine. The result is compact rolls with consistent tension, clean and straight edges for easy use on the final product manufacturing process. The French manufacturer could propose

integrated or separated unwinder for big mother rolls with as option loading assistance from floor, double unwinder for tubing operations, cantilevered shafts or shaftless unwinder. Regarding rewinding modules,

FULL COMPUTER CONTROL Each spooling line proposes the common advantage of a full computer control of winding profiles and individual setting of each position to ensure flexibility, consistency, stability of the spool (especially for narrow width slippery materials) and exact repeatability thanks to a recipes storage system. The digital function allows managing shapes and spooling technology (conical/ pineapple/ pyramidal, step- winding). And then, based on the Calemard’s modular design, the spooling lines capacity can be easily increased with additional spooling units to follow the increase of customers’ production. NB: This article was originally published in Converter’s June issue with images from Shutterstock. The images in this issue are from Calemard directly, and of their own products.

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