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New CE gloss hardcoated film launched T

ranscontinental Advanced Coatings has added reflex CE Gloss high-performance films to its reflex line of hardcoated films.

The new reflex CE Gloss is a clear gloss, hardcoated film formulated on optical grade, highly stabilised polyester. It is coated in a certified ISO Class 7 (Class 10,000) cleanroom. The product boasts a scratch-resistant, proprietary hardcoat formulation on one side of the film and a print receptive coating on the other, enabling printing with both solvent and UV screen print inks. The performance characteristics of reflex CE

Gloss include excellent optical clarity and haptic functionality, exceptional hardness, chemical resistance, and flexibility that enables embossing. The price-performance point of reflex CE Gloss makes it the ideal product for next-generation Electronic Displays, Membrane Touch Switches (MTS), Human Machine Interfaces (HMI), Printed Electronics, Functional Controls, Sensors, Capacitive Touch Interfaces, and Durable Labels. Tested to over 3 million actuations, reflex CE Gloss has industry- leading flex life. “In our experience, the current reflex LT

Digital hardcoated polyester film from TC Transcontinental gave the best print quality, ink adhesion, and performance results of all

materials we tested for digital UV inkjet printing. Tests also confirmed that the film supports a switch life of more than 3 million actuations,” says Marc Offord, general manager of Evans Graphics in Maidenhead, UK. The addition of reflex CE Gloss adds the

optically clear hardcoated film to the existing reflex product portfolio and leverages Transcontinental Advanced Coatings’ more than 50 years of experience manufacturing optically clear films in a cleanroom environment. “The development and production of reflex CE Gloss adheres to the strictest clean room and quality standards allowing customers to develop

advanced electronic interfaces and touch devices,” says George Rose, vice president of global sales and marketing for Transcontinental Advanced Coatings. The team spent two years developing reflex CE Gloss, working to generate the best optical chemistry and process. Added Rose, “We spent the time to create a product that offers industry-leading value in terms of price and performance, leveraging TC Transcontinental advanced manufacturing capabilities and knowledge.” The product is available immediately, globally, in two thicknesses, 125um and 175um, and in both master rolls and converted sheets. The reflex product portfolio includes the

reflex CE Gloss hardcoat, and the reflex LT Digital, a textured hardcoated film that offers anti-microbial functionality as a standard characteristic through the incorporation of SteriTouch silver-based technology into the hardcoated formulation. Transcontinental Advanced Coatings is committed to new product development of hardcoated polyester films providing optimal solutions to meet evolving needs.

Davis-Standard offers aseptic coating and laminating line

product line for emerging markets,” says, Michael Schröder, head of sales EMEA and product management at Davis-Standard’s German subsidiary ER-WE-PA GmbH. “The dsX Aseptic 400 is pre-engineered to provide optimum specifications for emerging market customers in terms of output and technology for process efficiency.” Davis-Standard is a leader in extrusion lamination lines for aseptic packaging products. This line configuration reflects that leadership with customization options to address diverse structures, including those used for aseptic and fresh milk/beverage filling machines. According to Michael Schröder, another advantage is Davis- Standard’s regional after-sale service and support, and more than 100 global references for similar applications. “One of the most significant benefits to

introduced the dsXTM Aseptic 400 triplex extrusion coating and laminating line. This best-in-class solution offers quick


changes, waste reduction and precision web handling for maximum widths of

24 July/ August 2020

n response to increased demand for aseptic packaging technology for emerging markets, Davis-Standard has

1,350mm (53 inches) and speeds from 250 to 400 mpm (820 to 1,312 fpm). It is designed for paper, aluminum foils and/or films used in aseptic and liquid carton board packaging products. “We have sold aseptic lines with similar outputs in the past, but based on market analysis, there was a need for a dedicated

customers in emerging markets is knowing they are getting value for first-rate technology and service, which is based on experience,” he says. “Each component on this line is designed for performance and efficiency, and we have the global resources to support them.”

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