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Monadnock’s coated paper line for heatset web presses

Monadnock Paper Mills, Inc., the oldest continuously operating paper mill in the United States, announced that its newest line of coated text and cover papers, Astrolite PC 100 Velvet C2S, is the only premium, coated 100-percent recycled sheet compatible with heatset web presses that is manufactured in the US. “Commercial web printers finally have a

premium coated choice for sustainable and quality-conscious brands,” said Julie Brannen, director of Sustainability Solutions, Monadnock. “Velvet is not glossy – it offers a more natural aesthetic quality with coated results.” In independent testing, Velvet demonstrated

superior performance with no defects. On an 8- color Rotoman AC press, the 80 lb. text weight printed up to 35,000 impressions per hour (1,145

fpm) without any web breaks and resulted in excellent print quality. The product ran to standard operating densities without any major changes to fountain keys. Velvet offered a good operating window for paper and ink tack build and will sustain up to eight colors down on each side. Made with 100 per cent post-consumer waste recycled fiber that is third-party

certified and responsibly sourced, Astrolite PC 100 enables brands, marketers, and creatives to access a sustainable selection of papers for high end catalogs, magazines, fashion lookbooks, direct mail, college viewbooks, museum exhibitions and more. The Astrolite PC 100 Velvet line offers a universal print coating optimised for commercial sheet-fed and heat-set wet offset HP Indigo (LEP) and dry toner (DP) presses. A range of sheet sizes will be stocked for quick and ready access to the design community. Made with the environment in mind, as with all Monadnock’s fine text and cover

papers, Astrolite PC 100 Velvet is FSC Certified (FSC C018866), manufactured carbon neutral (VERs) and made with 100 per cent renewable Green-e certified wind- powered electricity (RECs) under a third-party certified ISO 14001 Environmental Management System. “We’ve created a coating that stands up to the rigors of a broad range of printing

presses and inks,” said Paul Ciccone, vice president of research and development, Monadnock. “This heatset web qualification brings us to home plate with a winner for the environment and for our customers.”

Mondi launches workplace safety app

Mondi has launched a health and safety app as a new way to communicate to its colleagues on wellbeing in the workplace. Mondi Corrugated Solutions has launched the app to raise awareness of workplace safety rules in an accessible and entertaining way. The app entitled HEADS UP! is free to download for all Mondi employees and the general public. The app incorporates the latest research on the psychology of safe behaviour into a game format to reinforce commitment to the nine safety rules across Mondi’s plants and mills. The game design takes its inspiration from corrugated boxes, the main product of Mondi Corrugated Solutions and features the company's corporate colours and branding.

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Avery Dennison enters strategic partnership with Lampe Textiles

Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions Europe has formed a strategic partnership with Lampe Textiles, and will become the sole distributor of Squid self-adhesive textile window films to the Graphics Industry in Europe, Middle East and North Africa (EMENA). It means that the innovative films will be available to Avery Dennison customers from September 2020. Digitally printable Squid films are heat and moisture resistant, with sun protection, and are applied easily onto glass surfaces. Alessandro Sacchi, product line director digital print Avery Dennison Graphics Solutions Europe, said that the new partnership with Lampe Textiles gives customers access to another important innovation in architectural window films: “Avery Dennison has developed a very extensive – and growing – range of different window films, across architectural, retail and vehicle applications. This latest addition to our portfolio is the very first fabric that also acts as a self-adhesive curtain. It opens up new design options for interior designers and architects, and offers an excellent alternative to conventional films or net curtains.” Installation can be DIY or by a professional. Woven Squid textile has a linen look and comes ready to print. It offers homes, offices and hotels a soft, minimalistic and elegant appearance and is available in six colours (Chalk, Bone, Oak, Ash, Rock and Coal). Depending on colour, the film deflects between 25 per cent to 36 per cent of solar energy, for cooler rooms during the summer. Johan Bonner, director Squid, said that Avery Dennison and

Lampe Textiles are now positioned to gain a decisive share of the digital printed interior decoration market: “This new strategic partnership - a first step - means that architects and designers can count on easy access to innovative and high-quality products for interior design, along with outstanding production and installation partners. By taking over Squid distribution in EMENA, Avery Dennison will extend the potential of these innovative Squid products. That provides a high-demand market with a broader and more flexible range of options.”

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