Industry News New, recyclable packaging film for processed food puts Mondi on the MAP

Flexible food packaging has traditionally presented brand owners with a choice – either extract the maximum performance parameters or make it fully recyclable. Achieving both goals at once has been almost impossible, until now. Mondi has created a recyclable polypropylene film that is ideal for the thermoforming of flexible films for modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) and vacuum packaging, which is known for its ability to extend the shelf life of products such as meat and cheese. The new, coextruded material includes a top and bottom web, with an internal barrier layer that comprises less than 5 per cent of the entire structure, meaning it qualifies as a mono-material construction and is fully recyclable in existing waste streams. The Aachen, German-based Institut cyclos-HTP – the Institute for Recyclability and Product Responsibility – has independently certified that both the top and bottom webs of this construction have the highest qualification “Class AAA” in recyclability. The previous multi-material construction rendered the previous packages unrecyclable and also resulted in a much higher carbon footprint as confirmed by life cycle analyses. “We’re delighted to report that this innovative new film reduces the package’s carbon footprint by 23 percent

compared to existing conventional structures,” said Günter Leitner, managing director of Mondi Styria, the Austrian plant that produces this film.

The IPIA is at full charge as it energises the print industry

With the UK print industry continuing to go through a sustained period of rapid structural change - characterised by both growth and consolidation in different sectors - the IPIA is reporting that 2019 is seeing a growing trend of strong membership engagement across its initiatives and events. “The signs are very good for the print industry in

the UK. Despite the political backdrop over the last two years, we are seeing amazing positivity and levels of engagement on the ground,” explains Mike Roberts, chairman of the IPIA Council and managing director of PMG. He continues: “Whether it is our conferences,

networking lunches, our publications, or usage of our business and marketing services, we are seeing great attendance and engagement. “In particular our EPIC conference on July 3rd has seen a groundswell of support from the print industry due to its core goal of educating major print buyers from across the UK about the technical capabilities and strength of print as a channel to market— especially when it is used as part of a full integrated communications strategy.” Delegates to EPIC will also hear from world leading marketeers, who will help them revaluate their own business strategy, as well as giving them insight into how they can solve their customers challenges more effectively. Roberts concludes: “A key factor is that the print

industry is now starting to see itself as a creative sector that provides solutions to their customer’s communications challenges, versus being a production led industry that leaves the thinking and creativity to the customer.”

Vetaphone complements Corona with web cleaner

Vetaphone has added a unique Web Cleaner to its portfolio of products to facilitate single-source supply for all narrow web converters. The new unit, which can be single- or double-sided, is available in four standard web widths from 350mm to 570mm (13.8 inch to 22.4 inch) and has a maximum web-driven operational speed of 250m/min (820ft/min). The intelligent design and use of high

quality elastomer cleaner rolls and perforated adhesive rolls ensure that all contamination is removed. The easy side access to the unit facilitates quick removal of used sections of the roll sheets, while the top opening gives access for web threading

and cleaning of the elastomer rolls. Usefully, the adhesive roll has a quick-release device that allows a tool-free change, and the cartridges have a self-locking system to prevent any movement during operation. Like all Vetaphone technology, the Web Cleaner is designed for maximum flexibility, and can be mounted in various locations to suit any press configuration and web orientation. The active anti-static system prevents any possibility of re-contamination after the cleaning

process has finished. Importantly, the Web Cleaner can be linked to Vetaphone’s iCorona Generator, which

eliminates the need for any additional operating system. This brings added production efficiency and reduces operator stress because the Web Cleaner control and maintenance is fully integrated with the Vetaphone Corona system via the same module. This means that one screen provides all the information required for both web cleaning and surface treatment Speaking for Vetaphone, VP sales & marketing Kevin McKell said: “The clever design and

control integration of the Web Cleaner makes it a dream to operate. The console advises of maintenance requirements, provides fault diagnosis, and acts as an instructional manual. There are also prompts built-in for paper changing and roller cleaning, so all the operator needs to do is monitor one control screen.”

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