Adhesive Applications Hot melt adhesives in ice cream paper cones

ZhongShan Dayuan Industrial went to Robatechadhesive application systems for a high-speed stable-production gluing solution for its ice cream paper cones


hongShan Dayuan Industrial is a supplier of eco-friendly paper products, post-press processing

equipment and paper carton products, located in Zhongshan, Guangdong.

as well as other major domestic airports and public facilities. At its early stage, Dayuan used a brand of hot melt application systems, which caused a number of problems. After much investigation and many tests, Chuanyong Cao, founder of the company, finally decided to choose Robatech as their supplier. In 1997, Dayuan started to replace all of its equipment with Robatech. Since the first project, Dayuan has widely applied Robatech gluing heads in its paper cup and carton erecting machines and other equipment. The co-operation between Dayuan and

Chuanyong Cao, general manager of Dayuan, and Rakesh Kumar, managing director of Robatech China

The company has four main products: ice

cream paper cone machines, carton erecting machines, paper cone cup machines and automatic punching. In recent years, the company started to

develop clamshell box window sticking machines, automatic paper roll slitter machines, waxing machines and hot air forming lunch box machines. Dayuan has introduced to the market its

own paper cone cups. These paper cups have been widely used during Shanghai World Expo in 2010, at Shanghai Pudong International Airport and Hongqiao Airport,

Robatech started from a high-end ice cream paper cone project, where the production speed was set to 220 to 250 pieces per minute. There were some special requirements in this project. Firstly, the starting points needed to be accurately positioned. Secondly, the cut off needed to be accurate, and the beads needed to be of the same width. To meet these requirements, Robatech’s experienced specialists worked out an ideal process solution: they combined the 5kg tank melter Concept with the proven jetting head AX Diamond. It was clear that this sturdy application head was the right choice. Its filter, integrated into the head’s heating block, avoids nozzle blocking and its nozzle protector minimises nozzle damage and heat loss. All these features contribute to a precise tear-off and fewer operation

interruptions. Especially the insulation of the application head, called CoolTouch insulation, increases safety at work and uses energy efficiently: it ensures a constant melting temperature and prevents any undesired impacts of airflow. “After repeated tests, we all agreed that

Robatech was our best choice, as its products have the best gluing effect and a longer service life. It is a more economic and practical solution as we can save more on spare parts,” says Chuanyong Cao, owner of Dayuan. “Robatech provides a 7 x 24 h service hotline, allowing users to contact us at any time,” Michael Cao, sales manager of Robatech China, says cheerfully. After the replacement, customers

spoke highly of the Robatech adhesive application system. “Robatech machines have proven to be our perfect match because back then, the project gave priority to the production speed and Robatech could ensure stable operation at a high speed,” Chuanyong Cao was very satisfied with Robatech. “The long- term cost efficiency, quality and durability offered by this leading technology are the main reasons for customers to choose Robatech. Looking back, Cao says, “We have been

working with Robatech for more than two decades and we have had a delightful time. We have much trust in Robatech machines.”

Self-adhesive labels receives print quality and performance upgrade


anon has announced new print modes and performance upgrades for its OceLabelStream. Print resolutions of up to 1080dpi and

print speeds of up to 75 m/min allow label converters to expand their application range while increasing throughput and minimising turnaround times. The Oce LabelStream 4000 series, an

industrial-scale four or five colour UV inkjet press (CMYK and White) targeted at the production of self-adhesive labels, now offers two upgraded print modes: Quality, and Performance. Label converters can choose the right combination of quality and efficiency for the profitable production of short to medium runs. The press is available

38 July/ August 2019

as a digital-only reel-to-reel configuration and can expand to a full hybrid configuration with a custom mix of additional flexo, embellishment and finishing units, turning it into a fully

integrated single-pass label conversion line to meet various demands and budgets. Crit Driessen, VP and head of digital

packaging, comments: “Since the launch of the Oce LabelStream 4000 series in 2018, we have been actively driving the quality and performance of the technology to boost productivity and to support customers in addressing a broader range of self-adhesive labels. The latest improvements follow Canon’s philosophy to provide efficient inkjet production solutions for highest net output in all markets served.” The newly introduced Quality mode offers a resolution of 720 x 1080 dpi at a print speed of 50 m/min.

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