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Blockchain and the future of food and drink packaging

New collaboration with Avery Dennisonand The Future Laboratory explores the implications of today’s trends on the future of label and packaging design

The Future Laboratory. The full story is available on M_use, an Avery Dennison inspiration platform.

M_USE M_use, short for “materials in use”, is a community where users can find inspiration as they experience the attributes of a label application - from technical to tactile - as well as discover more about the science behind the design.

“M_use combines inspirational design

content with the materials science expertise of Avery Dennison. It’s an easy-to-use interface that shows the magic of materials in use,” says Angus McGuffin, global creative director at Avery Dennison. The site features an online library of

The Future Laboratory. A The monthly online column, based on

proprietary research, provides insights on global drivers, macro and micro trends and their impact on consumers, brands, and the label and packaging industry. In the first release, available now, the

renowned forecaster considers blockchain as a way to make labelling data more robust, information transparency more accessible, and ultimately empower consumers about their purchasing decisions.

very Dennison has announced a new original content series, authored by future forecasters,

reading the label (source: Label Insight),” says researchers at The Future Laboratory. In the new release, The Future Laboratory

shows how blockchain, as a distributed digital ledger, can offer transparency beyond the label. “Unlike any other digital database, a blockchain entry cannot be changed once it is logged, giving it a high-trust value,” they say. Blockchain-enabled products offer designers a chance to create engaging, immersive packaging that encourages customers to delve beyond the label and into a brand new world of transparency. “When combined with emerging

technologies, a product’s labelling can empower consumers about their purchase decisions, offering new levels of transparency,” says Amy White, vice president, communications and brand, Avery Dennison. “As material science and technology pioneers being up to date on these insights is essential .” “As futurenauts, forecasters, and analysts

“Product labels have many functions – to

be eye-catching and attract attention on the shelf is one, but perhaps the most important function is to inform consumers. And yet in recent years, the data on labels has left many wanting more. Almost half (48 per cent) of consumers feel that they do not know enough about a product despite

of tomorrow, we seek out those places, portals, people, and processes that allow us a glimpse at what could be when designers, scientists, packing creatives, and material specialists mix and merge talent with insight, the obvious, with the counterintuitive. The team behind M_use, one of those platforms that we visit regularly, and Avery Dennison, sit within this category and culture,” says Martin Raymond and Christopher Sanderson, co-founders,

materials. Users get a 360 degree perspective on the texture, color, tactility, and printability. They also can access bespoke content created in collaboration with industry experts that covers insights, trends, and creative design inspiration. “We see M_use as a digital swatchbook

for our converters as much as an inspirational resource for designers. Creatives can download and design on high-resolution images,” says Ralph Olthoff, global marketing director for wine and spirits at Avery Dennison.

INSPIRATION TO PRODUCTION “Powered by Avery Dennison, M_use leverages our deep knowledge of materials science and our love and curiosity for design to bring an inspiration-to-production, full- circle experience to designers, brands, and label printers,” says McGuffin. “Label materials are my canvas, and that’s

true for any designer” says Davide Ciaroni, creative director of Italian design agency Doni & Associati. “The more you know about materials and their application, the better your work is. I pay a lot of attention to detail, but above all I try to start every new design with my material choice. I’m excited that M_use will make it easier for me to connect not only with the materials that can elevate my design, but with ideas and inspiration from other designers as well.” The site launched with a focus on the wine and spirits industry and will expand into additional segments. July/ August 2019 13

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