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Single serve sized shrink sleeves for award winning gin

Pre-cut lid and shrink sleeve manufacturer Chadwicks of Bury (part of the Clondalkin Group), has developed a new shrink sleeve for the award winning Silent Pool Gin. The shrink sleeve has been specially developed to brand a new

single-serve bottle from Silent Pool Distillers developed in response to growing consumer demand. The smaller format bottle will open up new sales channels for

Silent Pool Gin and allow consumers to sample its product without committing to a multi-serve bottle. Silent Pool Gin is a unique and highly desirable brand and

packaging design and maintaining brand consistency on the miniature sized bottle was crucial. “The single serve bottles were not compatible with the design

and print process used on the standard 70cl Silent Pool Gin bottles which are spray coated before being printed. However, through origination and ink technology we were able to replicate the original design in a shrink sleeve,” explained Paul Mayall Shrink Sleeve technical manager for Chadwicks. Chadwicks of Bury is a leading supplier of flexible packaging solutions in the food, dairy, beverage, personal care and household sectors. With over 70 years’ experience, it has developed a reputation for leading the way in the manufacture of pre-cut lid and shrink sleeve packaging solutions. Chadwicks of Bury is one of six companies operating throughout Europe under Clondalkin Group.

Heavy duty corrugated packaging to see healthy sales

In terms of revenue, the global heavy duty corrugated packaging market is projected to expand at an approximate CAGR of 5 per cent during the forecast period, owing to numerous factors. Heavy duty corrugated packaging products are frequently used as shipping containers.

These are extensively used to package goods such as food items, beverages, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals, hazardous chemicals, and other materials. Heavy duty corrugated packaging products provide product protection by themselves, but often require an inner component for cushioning such as corrugated inserts and edge protectors, which help ensure the safety of fragile products. In recent years, the demand for pallet boxes in heavy duty corrugated packaging has increased significantly. This can be attributed to immense size flexibility offered by these boxes. Heavy duty corrugated packaging products such as boxes provide crush resistance and

adequate strength for stacking in warehouses. They are environment-friendly, biodegradable, and can be recycled. Products such as octabins, also have high durability, are lightweight, and offer significant cost benefits to the buyer. Thus, heavy duty corrugated packaging products are being increasingly used in secondary packaging of goods, across a wide range of industries.

Peter Arvidsson, MD, Tetra Recart at Tetra Pak said: “We see a huge growth in the meal kit category as consumers demand easier shopping experiences and services offering less planning, shorter cooking time, all while maintaining the quality of the ingredients. We are pleased to be able to help food producers capture this opportunity with a sustainable package that keeps food fresh and tasty.” HelloFresh branded tomatoes, beans, chickpeas and

lentils are now available in Tetra Recart cartons in the UK, Germany and the Netherlands.

HelloFresh selects Tetra Recart food packaging for

European markets Tetra Pak has announced that HelloFresh, a meal kit company, has chosen Tetra Recart carton package for use in European markets for its environmental advantages. Successfully used by

HelloFresh in the US since 2017, Tetra Recart offers a better packaging alternative

with 80 per cent lower carbon footprint and significant weight and space savings compared to tin cans and glass jars. Jakob Schmidt, senior global procurement manager at

HelloFresh Global said: “Introducing the Tetra Recart carton to our sustainable packaging portfolio is a strategic move for HelloFresh, helping us reduce our climate footprint through improved logistics efficiencies. Tetra Pak’s innovative packaging enables HelloFresh to consistently deliver a quality product and a great opening experience for our customers."

HelloFresh meal kit products now available in sustainable carton packaging

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