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Niamh Marriott Editor

CTI introduces solvent thermochromic colour changing inks

The allure of printed packages and labels that change colours to reflect product temperatures has been expanded. Chromatic Technologies Inc (CTI) has launched the packaging industry’s first thermochromic ink for use in solvent ink applications. CTI’s achievement represents a technological breakthrough, especially for the flexible packaging industry, and is a technological breakthrough many thought could never be done. Solvent inks for

printing are used by over 95 per cent of flexible packaging suppliers. Prior to CTI’s development of Solvent Thermochromic Ink, printers were forced to run water-based specialty technology. Using

water-based inks inside a solvent plant created challenges (1) affecting efficiency and economics for customers, (2) increasing set-up times as well as set-up, cleaning and (3) affecting solvent recapture. CTI’s Solvent Thermochromic Ink also offers the advantage of delivering much stronger colour compared to water-based inks, which heretofore often required more than one printing station to achieve target colour density. Solvent Thermochromic Ink is delivered as a one-part, finished ink to customers. Prior attempts at using solvent thermochromic inks failed due to the

solvents attacking the encapsulated chemistry of the printing process. In some cases, ink customers would wait to mix a thermochromic concentrate with a solvent immediately prior to printing. As such, the ink must be typically applied in the next eight hours, and everything that is unused was thrown away, resulting in waste of typically 30 per cent. “CTI had a technology breakthrough inventing solvent-thermochromic inks that can be delivered as a single, finished, print-ready ink which maintains a shelf-life of 90 days,” said Lyle Small, CTI’s founder and president. “This new technology just made a lot of production and economic headaches disappear for our customers and creates a pipeline of innovation they can bring to market.” In addition to thermochromic, CTI now offers a suite of solvent-ready

specialty ink technologies including glow-in-dark, photochromic, hydrochromic, pressure-activated and reveal inks.

Chr. Hansen adopts NiceLabel technology to support mission critical production

Global bioscience company, Chr. Hansen, has selected NiceLabel, a developer of label design software and label management systems, to provide its web-based label management solution. Chr. Hansen develops and produces cultures, enzymes, probiotics and natural colours for the food, confectionary, beverages, dietary supplements and animal feed industries. More than one billion people consume its products across the

world, resulting in 3,000 label print requests per day across 30 different locations. The NiceLabel Label Management System, with its universal label

templates and label variant technology, allows Chr. Hansen to reduce and consolidate their label templates, remove inconsistencies, and improve workflow and quality assurance when designing and printing its labels. Jens Berth, senior IT project manager at Chr. Hansen said: “We operate

in the life sciences industry which means our processes, including labelling, must be validated according to the criteria set forth by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). “We need to ensure that our label variants, which are the exact finished labels for our products, are fully approved by our QA staff and cannot be changed once the variant is created. NiceLabel’s variant technology enables this so I can be confident that each label is fully compliant.” The NiceLabel solution integrates with Chr. Hansen’s enterprise resource planning system, SAP, using NiceLabel’s SAP ABAP package.

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