Personal care electricals offer UK retailers the greatest potential for growth, says GlobalData


ersonal care electricals (PCE) will be the fastest growing category in the UK electricals market over the next five years

as innovation drives consumers to purchase, according to data and analytics company GlobalData. For retailers, this market offers revenue growth potential while other electricals categories, such as audio visual, stagnate, the company adds. The PCE market is forecast to grow by 17% over the next five years

compared to an increase of 8% in the overall electricals market. Growth in PCE will be driven by the fast-expanding category beauty tools which comprise products such as electrical facial cleansers, acne Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) devices and electrical body contouring devices. GlobalData retail analyst Zoe Mills commented: “Beauty tools, from brands such as Clarisonic, Clinique and FOREO, are also closely tied to the health and beauty market, which is set for double-digit growth over the next five years. This market is increasingly supported by YouTube stars and beauty bloggers, with these individuals now instrumental in promoting freshness in the market, and incorporating more PCE into their posts.” The majority of PCE purchases are replacement driven (68.8%) and

with replacement cycles as long as three plus years, newness in the beauty tools market encourages consumers to purchase more often. Innovation is also a key driver of first-time purchases in this category; for example, 58.1% of beauty tools purchased in the past year were a first- time purchase, according to GlobalData’s 2018 survey. Zoe added: “Of the PCE subcategories, hairdryers have the lowest

level of first-time purchases at 19.7%. While there has been some innovation, namely with the Dyson Supersonic in 2016, little has changed in this market to entice shoppers to purchase outside of their replacement cycles. “Historically, only

premium brands have offered beauty tools along with premium price tags, but prices are beginning to fall as midmarket brands such as BaByliss, Olay and Braun invest in beauty tools as well. This is opening the market up to a broader audience.”

Too expensive to run? BSH aiming to dispel tumble dryer myths


SH Home Appliance is working to dispel

some of the rumours about tumble dryers, such as the suggestion that they are expensive to run and energy hungry. Bosch category manager

for home laundry Ros Collins argues that this view is out of date. She comments: “All our dryers are sensor dryers and deliver the best energy efficiency. This means when the load is dry, they stop. There is never any over drying or excessive use of energy and clothes come out soft and crumple free. In fact, the annual cost to a family with an A-rated tumble dryer is just £37.30 and one 9kg load in a Bosch dryer costs on average about 30p.” The traditional alternatives to tumble dryers are hanging clothes on the line or around the house on radiators. A tumble dryer not only saves consumers from damp walls, but you would need a 20m washing line to accommodate an average cotton load of 8kg. Ros added: “It’s also true that tumble dryers are more hygienic

than drying outside, which can expose your laundry to pollution. In addition, tumble dryers remove particles from clothes that washing does not, like pollen and animal hair. This is an absolute essential for the growing number of families with allergy issues.” One of the main reasons modern dryers are more energy efficient than in the past is because of heat pump technology. These innovative models take the hot air used to dry your clothes, pass it through an evaporator (containing a cooling agent) that removes the moisture, after which the air is reheated and reused to continue drying your clothes. This greatly reduces the energy consumption of the dryer, as hot air isn’t expelled into the atmosphere. Bosch is continuing to improve energy efficiency with its latest heat pump tumble dryers. Ros commented: “As part of our commitment to protecting the

environment, Bosch has taken steps to ensure all of our heat pump dryers have moved to a new cooling agent. This new gas is a particularly energy efficient refrigerant, which is natural and climate neutral. In turn, this will minimise the Global Warming Impact of our dryers.”

Haden launches cookware collection S

mall domestic appliances (SDA) brand Haden has announced that it is launching the Perth Goldstone cookware collection, a range of aluminium cookware inspired by the

British home and a passion for delicious food. Founded in 1958, the Haden brand has a long history of manufacturing SDA, and has continued

to develop its ranges since acquisition by Sabichi in 2016. The new cookware features a range of saucepans, including saucepans, frying pans, casserole

and griddle pans, that match the iconic Perth slate colour, with a gold speckle nonstick interior. The nonstick lining means less oil and fats are required when cooking, allowing for the preparation of healthier meals, Haden adds. The Haden Perth Pans are made from forged aluminium and do not contain PFOA, and feature quick heat distribution. The heatproof handle is cast from stainless steel and allows for oven cooking up to 210°C.

4 | September 2018

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