healthy cooking ‘Healthy eating has become

a popular lifestyle trend’ Healthy cooking has become an important trend in the kitchen, with consumers increasingly aware of what they eat and on the lookout for appliances which help support a healthy lifestyle


ealthy cooking trends are one of the key growing areas in the consumer kitchen, and appliances

both large and small which support a healthy lifestyle are enjoying increased attention from shoppers. Beko Plc senior marketing manager Iain

Starkey comments: “Healthy eating has become a popular lifestyle trend, with consumers not only engaging with a healthy lifestyle, but also encouraging others to follow one too. “Social media has had a huge involvement in this; at the time of writing #healthyeating has over 21 million posts on Instagram. Consumers want to actively promote their healthy eating and cooking habits, and in-turn appliances with healthy cooking capabilities have become more sought after.” AEG senior consumer marketing manager

Smriti Edwards says: “Your diet is key to helping you achieve a healthy lifestyle. From what you eat to how you cook your food, kitchen appliances can be utilised to not only enhance your dining experience but create great tasting wholesome food. “AEG believe that cooking with steam is the

future and that it presents a low-fat healthier way of cooking. AEG SteamBake technology adds extra moisture, improves flavor and texture while still ensuring that vital nutrients and vitamins are preserved.” A growing number of consumers are becoming aware of the benefits of cooking with steam, as manufacturers demonstrate the advantages.

Among the brands expanding their steam

offering is De Dietrich, which has recently launched a new combi steam oven, including both multifunction and combi steam options. De Dietrich’s steam cooking process does not require any special installation to take place thanks to the water tank located on the front and comes with two cooking applications, Steam Expert Mode and Culinary Guide, which features over 100 pre- programmed recipes including 38 for combi steam cooking. In Steam Expert Mode, the steam in the

oven can be adjusted between 20% and 100% as well as cooking time and temperature, allowing you to cook a variety of foods perfectly. Meanwhile, the Culinary Guide

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Consumer awareness of cooking with steam has grown, with benefits including better preservation of vitamins and nutrients and quicker cooking times

has a selection of pre-set recipes that cook a dish to precision by simply entering the weight of the dish. While it cooks, the oven’s sensors will automatically adjust cooking time, temperature and steam percentage so you are left with a tasty dish, full of vitamins and minerals, De Dietrich says. UK appliance brand Stoves has launched a new collection of range cookers, doubling the overall size of the product range in the Richmond and Sterling collections with the introduction of Deluxe Range Cooker options across both designs.

With the right

appliances anyone can master the art of preparing healthy meals from scratch

Among the new features is the Steam &

Infuse™ accessory which allows consumers to achieve healthy cooking quickly, Stoves

says. Steam & Infuse™ adds moisture and flavour to a dish; adding water, stock or infused spices to the pot serves to steam from the inside, providing additional flavor and texture, and an average reduction in cooking time of 20%. GDHA head of category for range cooking

Steve Dickson comments: “The rising level of innovation we are seeing within the built-in category demonstrates growing demand for pioneering features in the market. “At Stoves, we are the first major range

cooking brand to couple the traditional look and style of range cookers with these increasingly sought-after modern features – we’re taking a traditional category and making it fit for the high-tech consumer. We have invested heavily in the development of market leading features, so we can offer retailers and consumers what we believe is the best quality in range cooking, making us competitive in the market.”

Maintaining freshness and reducing waste It is not only food preparation and cooking where technological advances are helping consumers to eat a healthy diet.

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